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Pile of books

How to Store Books Without a Bookcase – 5 Tip & Ideas

Not everyone has the luxury of a sprawling bookcase to showcase their literary collection. But... View Post
A hand holding onto a handbag, with other handbags around

How To Store Handbags in a Closet – 4 Tips

Handbags are prized possessions for many people. Whether they are extremely expensive or hold sentimental... View Post
A photo of a wedding dress as seen through a mirror

How To Store (& Preserve) a Wedding Dress Long-Term

A little bit more consideration needs to go into storing important items such as a... View Post
Clean desk with calendar

How to Declutter Your House in One Day

Decluttering your house in one day is possible - and beneficial. By following the below... View Post
Spare guest bedroom, showing a bed, a bedside table, and a lamp that's switched on

4 Storage Ideas For Your Spare Room

Every room is different. Your spare room may be used for exactly that - literally... View Post
A home at Christmas

4 Storage Tips to Get Your House Ready for Christmas Day

With the big day nearly upon us, this is the time of year that each... View Post
A photo of a house in the distance, with wintery/icy tree branches in the foreground.

3 Tips for Preparing Your Home for the Cold Snap (& Being Clever With Your Storage)

Preparing your home for winter is an important task, which - if done properly -... View Post
A photo of a garden with a neat grass lawn, with flowers and bushes either side of it

5 Tips for Keeping a Garden Under Control (& Using Storage to Your Advantage)

With autumn now in full-swing, now is the time to start planning your garden for... View Post
Toys on messy floor

8 Tips for Staying on Top of Your Children’s Clutter

One of the biggest adjustments to parenthood is having children invade your space. More specifically,... View Post
Welsh flag

Coming from America: Moving to Cardiff, Wales from the US

A big move to Wales from the US is going to take a lot of... View Post
Image of car in storage unit

Car Storage Tips: How to Keep Your Vehicle in Good Condition While it’s in Self Storage

If you are planning to store your car for a long time, you might be... View Post
A sunny, tidy room

6 Smart Summer Storage Tips to Maximise Space & Organise Your Home

In today's fast-paced world, maintaining an organised and clutter-free home is essential for a stress-free... View Post
A pretty and colourful back garden

4 Storage Tips for Gardens

Whether it's your front or back garden (or both), the summer can often highlight how... View Post
A table littered with post-it notes of different colours, some scrumpled up. There's also a laptop, a mug, and a notepad.

4 Tips on How to Clean a Messy House

Mess in the home is a battle that everyone faces on a regular basis. Whether... View Post
Toys in a playroom

3 Benefits of Having a Playroom & How to Make It a Success

Growing families, busy homes... the two go hand-in-hand. With families getting bigger, and the needs of... View Post
A minimalist-style university dorm room, showing a bed, desk, computer, guitar, TV and other objects.

3 Storage Tips & Ideas for University Students

Whether you're staying close to home or relocating to somewhere far afield, your university days... View Post
Kitchen being renovated

8 Ways Self Storage Can Help You While You’re Renovating

When taking on a home improvement project, self storage can do so much to help.... View Post
Christmas decorations in boxes

10 Tips for Putting Away Christmas Decorations (to Make It Easier for Next Christmas)

When December ends and Christmas comes to a close, it's time to deal with putting... View Post
Small Christmas decoration

4 Christmas Decoration Ideas for Small Spaces

With Christmas on the way, homes across the world are being decorated in festive cheer. If... View Post
Small kitchen photo

4 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Maximise Your Space

Planning and designing your dream kitchen? The kitchen is the most important room in the home.... View Post
A small but cosy flat (apartment)

4 Storage Ideas for a Small Flat

'Easy living' is a term associated with those residing in apartments - or 'flats' as... View Post
Entranceway of a home

4 Storage Ideas for Small Entryways

Whether you have a Victorian house, a high-rise modern apartment,* or a new-build terrace, lots... View Post
Attic/loft space

Storage Tips: How to Keep the Loft From Overflowing

If you're lucky enough to have a loft, otherwise known as an attic, it can... View Post
Child playing with toys outdoors

Outdoor Toy Storage Ideas: Protecting the Garden

In our last post, we covered how children and their toys can take over your... View Post
Messy pile of LEGO pieces

Toy Storage Ideas: How to Stop Them Taking Over Your Home

Small people take over. It's a fact. From dominating the way you live your life to... View Post
Messy home extension exterior photo

Self Storage or an Extension? Really?!

Using self storage as opposed to having an extension may sound like a dramatic statement,... View Post
Storage Facilities Cardiff & Bridgend - Image 3

Why Self Storage?

Let's strip this back to the basic question: why self storage? We've taken a few steps... View Post
Classic car

5 Need-To-Know Tips for Storing Your Classic Car

There comes a time in every classic car's life when it's time to wheel itself... View Post
Storage Facilities photo

The Flexibility of Self Storage

Self storage is often viewed as a problem-solver. From a go-between when you're moving home,... View Post

How to Help the Environment This Christmas

With the impact of Christmas and wider consumer culture (a big factor in reducing carbon... View Post
DIY tiling photo

Renovations: A Few Things You Can Do Yourself

When it comes to renovations, it doesn't have to cost the earth. Purchasing your dream home... View Post
Completed home renovation photo

So You’re Thinking of Renovating…

In previous blog posts, we've talked about the issue of space in the home, and... View Post
Model of a house next to a real-sized key and keyring

Moving Home: 4 Tips to Make It That Little Bit Easier

A house move is one of the most stressful things you can ever undertake. Whether... View Post
Plastic Free July logo

Plastic Free July: 5 Tips for Beginners

This month is Plastic Free July, an initiative to encourage everyone to reduce their consumption... View Post
Sero Zero Waste, Newport

4 Zero-Waste Shopping Outlets Around South Wales (UPDATED 2021)

Last year, we brought you information on some of South Wales' brightest zero-waste shops that... View Post
Bilingual sign in Wales showing Welsh and English

Moving from England to Wales: Everything You Need to Know

Deciding to live in a different country is a big deal - even if you're... View Post
Houseplants photo

4 Simple Tips for Home Improvements

If you're growing tired of your home and feel some improvements are overdue, it may... View Post
Row of houses in Cardiff photo

5 Signs When You Know It’s Time to Stay Put

In our last blog post, we looked at how the last 12 months have made... View Post
Packing box photo

5 Signs When You Know It’s Time to Move Home

Lockdown and government restrictions over the last 11 months have resulted in many individuals, couples... View Post
Turning the page onto 2021 photo

How to Embrace 2021

The last 12 months have largely been one to forget. From lockdowns to firebreakers to... View Post
Green Xmas tree with white lights

4 Ideas for a Greener Christmas

Christmas and the wider festive season is all about spending time with those who are... View Post
Winter and snow photo

5 Quick Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter

With winter soon upon us, now is the time to quickly assess any stop-gaps and... View Post
Coffee beans spilling out of a jar

5 Less Obvious Items You Can Buy at a Zero-Waste Shop

The rise of zero-waste shops is not surprising given how the general public is far... View Post
Mall of America's flower fountain photo

3 Examples of Innovative Projects With a Green Initiative

Developments that use large-scale recycled materials are becoming more common. From recycled plastics to sustainably-sourced... View Post
Garden sleeper raised bed photo

Lockdown Garden Ideas: Reusable Items to Help Spruce Up Your Garden

Renovating your garden or outdoor space has been a popular project for many people during... View Post
Back garden photo

Project Lockdown: DIY Ideas to Transform Your Garden

Whilst restrictions on lockdown are being introduced, there is still time to get your garden... View Post
Groceries image

How to Maximise Food Consumption & Reduce Waste

As we continue to experience lockdown in the UK and across most of the world... View Post
Garden furniture image

The No-Dampness Guide to Storing Garden Furniture

The Great British Weather is not a match made in heaven for garden furniture. Whether... View Post
Freezer compartment photo

How to Maximise Space in Your Freezer With Zero Waste

As COVID-19 (also known as the Coronavirus) puts a stop to what is regarded as... View Post
Ecobricks image

Ecobricks – Explaining the What, How & Why

Recycling and reducing single-use plastic is big news at the moment and rightly so. We... View Post
2020 sign

How to Make Your 2020 a Year That Makes a Difference

New Year's resolutions may not be for everyone, but January is often a popular time... View Post
Festive street photo

5 Common Things People Do Across the Festive Period

As fantastic as the festive season is, it can be a time of reflection for... View Post
Christmas presents photo

5 Festive Tips to Make Your Christmas More Sustainable Whilst Cutting Down on Waste

Christmas is a magical time of year for many. However, as consumers, our waste has... View Post
Recycling bins photo

5 Tips for Recycling in a Smarter Way

Recycling household items is vitally important to reducing waste sent to landfill as well as... View Post
Gift bag

Reuse, Recycle & Repurpose: How To Make the Best Use of Gift Bags

Clutter is public enemy number one these days. Space is sought-after in all homes across... View Post
Woman working from home

5 Tips for Creating a Productive & Inspiring Home Office

The end-goal for the perfect home office is to have a space that breeds productivity... View Post
Leftover wood image

5 Cool Things You Can Make From Leftover Wood

If you have leftover wood, be it timber or offcuts of flooring, there are plenty... View Post
Fridge photo

How to Keep Your Fridge Nice & Organised

Every home has a fridge freezer - in the modern world it's an essential requirement.... View Post
Golf clubs photo

5 Tips for Storing Golf Clubs at Home

With summer on the tips of our tongues, golf season is underway. From those playing... View Post
Nice living room photo

6 Top Tips on Getting Your House Ready to Sell

Moving home can be one of the most stressful periods of your life. That's why... View Post
Ramekins image

3 Perfect Storage Containers that Can be Used Over & Over Again at Waste-free Stores

Single-use plastic is a global issue facing all of us. The stark reality is that... View Post
Tidy lounge photo

5 Tips to Declutter Your Home – Marie Kondo Style

We've all heard of decluttering, especially when it comes to tidying away junk that has... View Post
Storage Facilities Cardiff & Bridgend - Image 3

The Weird, the Wonderful & the Down-right Practical: All the Items that have been Stored at Easystore

We frequently get asked what items people typically place in storage. The honest answer is that... View Post
Radiator image

How to Keep Your Home Warm for No Extra Cost This Winter

With winter well and truly here, the cold has descended on our homes and made... View Post
ripple Cardiff event photo

Location Revealed for Cardiff’s First Zero-waste Store

The location has been unveiled for Cardiff's first zero-waste store, ripple. Albany Road in the Roath... View Post
Student desk image

Tips for Avoiding the Deadly Clutter as Students Return to Uni

It's that time of year again for students. For some, they are embarking on their first... View Post
Cardboard image

Easystore Self Storage Shares 5 Top Tips on Working Towards a Waste-free Environment

After Easystore Self Storage pledged its support behind #therippleeffect campaign, a successful Kickstarter aimed at... View Post
Ripple Kickstarter video screenshot

Easystore Self Storage Backs the Battle Against Plastic and Needless Waste

Easystore Self Storage has pledged its support behind #therippleeffect campaign, a Kickstarter campaign aimed at... View Post
Fan image

5 Top Tips on How to Keep Cool When the Sun is Beaming

The UK is in the midst of a mini-heatwave. You won't find us moaning too... View Post
Student stuff

The Storage Issue that Nobody Tells You About When it Comes to Finishing Uni

When it comes to finishing uni, there is a huge sense of the end of... View Post
Easystore Mackintosh LTC sponsorship photo

Easystore Backs One of the UK’s Top Tennis Clubs

South Wales self storage firm Easystore has backed one of the country's top tennis clubs... View Post
Snow on roofs photo

How To Stop Snow Coming Through Your Home’s Ceiling

When you think of snow days, you think of building snowmen with loved ones, having... View Post
Log burner image

Cool Space-saving Ideas for Log Storage

With winter getting a second-wind this February, you'd be forgiven for working your log burner... View Post
Christmas tree disposal photo

Space-saving Ideas After the Festive Period

The festive period is one of enjoyment, indulgence and - at times - chaos. For... View Post
Firewood image

Helpful Ideas for Log Storage (that Go Beyond your Shed or Garage)

Everyone who owns a log burner knows that it is a love affair that will... View Post
Empty office building

Bigger Office vs Self Storage – Where is the Tipping Point?

Traditionally, the natural progression for any business has been to pursue growth. More clients, more... View Post
Home gym equipment photo

Reclaim & Re-store – How to Turn Your Shed into a Gym

The humble shed has been a bastion of garden storage for decades. Home to rakes,... View Post
Rhymney River Bridge photo

A Focus on: Rhymney River Bridge Road, Cardiff

Easystore's Cardiff HQ is situated on the Connies site - a landmark building that was... View Post
Cardiff Bay photo

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving to Cardiff from London

Oscar Wilde once wrote that if you are tired of London, you're tired of life.... View Post
Motorbike image

Motorcycle Storage Tips [Infographic]

A couple of years ago we wrote a guest blog post for Beginner Biker Adventures... View Post
Kilimanjaro climb photo

Easystore Scales Africa’s Highest Mountain to Raise Awareness of STEM Programme

South Wales self-storage firm Easystore Self Storage has braved Africa's highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, as... View Post
Roath Park Lake image

10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving to Cardiff

Thinking of moving to Cardiff? We'll be honest: the Welsh capital is awesome at the... View Post
Music festival revellers image

The First-Time Festival Survival Guide

It's that time of year again - the flags are waving, the tents are packed... View Post
Packing for college image

5 Smart Student Storage Solutions

Housing is one of the biggest stresses in student life. From landlords who wait six... View Post
Upcycled chairs photo

A Beginners Guide to Getting Started with Upcycling

For some, upcycling involves pedaling vertically through a gradient. For others, it is restoring second... View Post
Easystore interior photo

Insurance, Security & Storage Wars: Your Self Storage Questions Answered

Forget the current state of Europe, or the latest political and economic scandal. We know... View Post
Nursery for baby image

The New Arrival: Preparing Your Home for a Baby

So you're going to be a parent. Congratulations! You've one on the way, a bun... View Post
Violin image

Our Guide To Storing Musical Instruments

"Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest heals the... View Post
Techniquest & Easystore PR photo

Easystore backs Techniquest in its 30th year

South Wales self-storage firm Easystore has chosen Science and... View Post
Garden gnome image

How to Make your Garden Winter-Proof

Up until December, there is still the chance that you might still use your garden,... View Post
Tool storage photo

Tool Storage Solutions & Ideas

Whether you're a tradesman or a keen DIY-er, you'll likely own some expensive tools. From... View Post
Student bedroom image

Decorating Ideas for an Awesome Student House

Moving into your student house is an exciting time. Freshers' week is a great opportunity... View Post
Camping tents image

Top Tips for Keeping your Camping Equipment Safe Out of Season

If you're a keen camper or a festival fan, the end of summer marks a... View Post
Paperwork image

Archiving Important Documents – How, What and Why?

The storage of valuable and legal documents is of vital importance for both businesses and... View Post
Kids & boxes image

Moving Home with Small Children: Our Guide

Moving house is stressful business, but moving with small children - whether they're babies, toddlers... View Post
Dog in box image

Moving Home with a Dog: Our Guide

Moving house is a stressful business, but moving house with dogs can be especially tricky... View Post
Cat in box image

Moving House with Cats: Our Guide

If you're a cat owner, you'll know that felines can be very particular creatures. From... View Post
Student packing image

Top Tips for Students Packing Up For the Summer

It's that time of year again. For some, that first year of university is complete... View Post
Big drum kit image

Heavy Duty Hobbies: How Self Storage can Perpetrate your Pastime

The hobby. The dictionary defines it as an activity done regularly in one's leisure time,... View Post
Living room image

The Definitive Checklist for Getting Your House Ready to Sell

So for one reason or another you've decided that you need to move house. Maybe... View Post
Sports equipment image

How to Store Sports Equipment

Sports equipment can be some of the most infuriating, clutter-causing, mess-making and downright untidy items... View Post

Our Top 3 Storage Infographics

Recently at Easystore HQ we spent some time looking at different examples of infographics in... View Post
Clutter-free room image

Our Guide To Decluttering Your Home (Room By Room)

Well, the holidays are well and truly over. Food has been eaten, drink has been... View Post
Llamau Sleepout image

Why Easystore’s Brendan Connies-Laing Is Supporting Llamau This Christmas

Well, Christmas is now well and truly upon us - in addition to all the... View Post
UK winter

How To Store Your Items Safely This Winter

Winter is coming. These words may belong to Game of Thrones’ protagonists House Stark but... View Post
Phone & keys image

Who Do You Need To Notify When Moving House?

Moving house is a double-edged sword. There's the inevitable excitement that comes from moving into... View Post
Packing boxes image

Top Tips For Packing Up Your House To Move

Moving house or packing items for storage? Check out our top tips for packing up... View Post
Shipping container image

Inside vs. Outside Storage Units

A question we sometimes get asked is this: what's the difference between indoor storage units... View Post
Small houses image

Reasons For Using Storage Units For Domestic Storage

Self storage is not something that we really think about - until you need it.... View Post
Loading van image

Tips For Dealing With The Stress Of Moving

Moving can be stressful, so you want to make sure that everything to goes as... View Post
Cardboard boxes image

Reasons For Using Commercial Storage

Many businesses are in desperate need of space but can't afford the pricey rent of... View Post

Ten Top Tips For Moving House

We all know moving house can be an extremely stressful experience. So the best thing... View Post

Top Tips For Playing On A Racketlon

1. Warm-ups and cool downs It's always important to warm up and cool down before and... View Post

Wales Racketlon Tournament To Take Place At David Lloyds Cardiff

David Lloyd Club Cardiff will be hosting the sixth annual Wales Racketlon Open on the... View Post

Easystore honoured to sponsor Street Football Wales

Staff from across the Welsh housing sector donned their football boots recently and raised an... View Post

Easystore sponsors Rumney RFC under 16s

Local self-storage company Easystore Self Storage is showing its support for a local rugby team... View Post

Easystore scores with Brackla RFC

Self-storage company Easystore is showing its support for a local rugby team this year. The... View Post
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Brendan Connies-Laing is the owner and manager of Easystore Self Storage in Cardiff.