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Reuse, Recycle & Repurpose: How To Make the Best Use of Gift Bags

31st October 2019

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Clutter is public enemy number one these days. Space is sought-after in all homes across the country regardless of whether you have a small city-centre flat or a stately country home.

With numerous life occasions popping in our calendars at an increasing rate, especially with the Americanisation of our country, gift bags seem to have become more and more popular. They are low-cost and make an aesthetic difference when giving gifts. However, they come with their own pitfalls – what to do with them afterwards!

Below are a few ideas on how to make the most of gift bags that do not involve putting them in the bin.

Reuse for giving gifts

The first tip is simple: reuse the gift bags. Even if the tag has been written on, most are easy to remove. Reusing gift bags makes sense: it saves you money, limits recycling and waste, and allows you to give thoughtful gifts in pretty bags – all in a sustainable manner! Be sure to pack the bags flat in a storage container to stop them from getting damp, damaged and lost. Try and pack them together in order or category: birthdays, babies, weddings, etc. This will save you time and effort when digging them out for future use.


If you decide not to reuse them as gift bags, they may make perfect tags for birthday and Christmas presents. With many bags having cute designs emblazoned on them, they make perfect tags to attach to presents, with the plain side making a great space to write on. One bag can be used for numerous tags – even enough for one Christmas, depending on the size of your family and friend list!

Storage solutions

If you have a particularly attractive bag that is sturdy, see if it can be used to store small items around the house. Some bags make great toy holders for children, especially if they are stored on shelves and bookcases. You can mix and match these up depending on the decor of the room, as well as regularly change them at no cost.

Recycle or donate

The most obvious in this list, recycling is vitally important. Many local authorities take paper and card, so it shouldn’t be hard to pop these bags in your weekly recycling. Also, if the bags are in good working order, donate them to your local charity shops, schools and children groups such as Guides and Scouts.

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