Find Answers to Common Queries:


Who uses self storage?

People who are perhaps moving home or re-decorating and need to store fixtures, furniture and fittings use self storage. People also use it to de-clutter their home. It is used by businesses, perhaps at Christmas time, when there is a need to store extra stock. Company representatives also use it as a base to store merchandise and sales materials while travelling around the country.

But what if I only need a small space for a short time?

Easystore provides storage space in a variety of sizes across a range of units, to suit the individual needs of each of its customers. Units start at 25 sq. ft. and we offer numerous other larger size configurations. You can use the storage for as little or as long as you require. There is a one-month minimum rental and no maximum rental time. Call now to discuss your precise requirements.

Where can I get packing materials?

Easystore has everything you could possibly need from boxes, to tape, bubble wrap, rope and padlocks. We can also supply storage shelving.

What can I store?

Easystore’s flexibility allows the storage of almost anything in a safe, secure, fire alarm protected environment. Wide hallways allow for easy access.

Units are large enough to allow for vehicle storage, even your classic car can be accommodated. Pallets of goods, or even business archive storage through to your domestic belongings – virtually anything can be kept in our dry, secure and safe stores.

How do I transport my belongings to Easystore?

You can use your own transport, or Easystore can also refer customers to a local removal firm with preferential hire rates. We also offer the services of a forklift in the compound. We even offer free van hire for our customers to help move their goods in. The van is also available at other times for a small hire charge (conditions apply). Please call beforehand to ensure that the van is available when you require it.

Can you take in deliveries for me?

Yes, we will accept deliveries for you.

Can parcels be collected from Easystore?

Yes, you can bring your packaged items to reception for courier collection.


What size units are available?

A number of different layouts are available and all units are 9 ft. high. The floor space varies from 25 sq. ft. to 500 sq. ft., with multiple configurations available.

Can I view units to help me decide on size?

Yes, you are welcome to come and have a look at different size units.

Can I change my unit size?

Yes, you can change unit size subject to availability.

Are the units clean and tidy?

When you move into your unit it will have been thoroughly cleaned. While you have use of the unit, keeping it clean is your responsibility, as the staff at Easystore only have access to your unit in emergencies. Every unit is clean, dry and self-contained, and Easystore can provide packing materials to ensure that your goods are well looked after.

What notice do I need to give to vacate?

We require 14 days’ notice.


What access is there?

Easystore offers 24-hour access, 365 days a year. We have many units with outside access, enabling a vehicle to be driven right to the door of the unit. There is also a forklift truck available.

How often can I access my storage space?

There is no limit to how many times customers can access their storage space, day or night, 365-days-a-year. You will be given a unit specific pin code.

Can anyone else access my storage space?

No, not unless you want them to or if, for example, there is an agreed shared access in the case of a firm’s sales representatives.

Can I access the storage whenever I want?

Easystore is available 24/7. The site is floodlit from dusk to dawn with on-site sensor-triggered lighting. This allows immediate drive-to and walk-in access.


Is it extra for insurance?

Contents insurance is included in the price for every unit. We can arrange additional insurance if required.

When do I get charged?

The fees are payable monthly in advance, normally by standing order.


Will my stored materials be in a safe store?

Easystore storage units are individually alarmed. Each unit is linked to multi-camera, 24-hours a day CCTV monitoring. This monitors both the inside and outside of the unit. A keypad-operated electric gate with magnetic locks controls access to the Easystore compound.

Each customer is given a unique, unit specific Personal Identification Number (PIN) of their choice. This PIN opens the gate, de-activates the magnetic locks and disarms the alarm on the customer’s unit. This process is reversed upon exit.

What about the Easystore compound security?

A rugged, mid-rail reinforced steel palisade fence surrounds the site. The very latest hi-tech security including magnetic lock gates provides 100% peace of mind and denies any unauthorised access. Easystore units are all on ground level, and many are drive-up units. The site is served by sensor-triggered lighting.

Will my furniture and effects remain clean and tidy while stored?

For household storage, Easystore offers spotlessly clean, well-lit, secure, bone dry, self-contained space. Mattress and sofa covers are available to purchase from the Easystore reception should you wish to ensure items remain unmarked during transportation and while in storage. Easystore recommends that customers cover items and furniture that are in storage long-term.

What about insurance?

Easystore insurance is fully inclusive within the monthly charge. We can arrange additional insurance if required.


Can I run my business from Easystore?

Yes, we offer WiFi and the option to have a unit with electric.