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The New Arrival: Preparing Your Home for a Baby

2nd March 2017

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So you’re going to be a parent. Congratulations! You’ve one on the way, a bun in the oven… but as well as the hundreds of other things to expect whilst you’re expecting, just what do you need to prepare ready for when your newborn baby comes home?

Fear not, for here at Easystore we have prepared a handy guide of things to think about and how to prepare your home for a new arrival…

Pick a room

One of the most important factors when bringing a newborn baby home for the first time is to have their room already prepared. You’ll most likely have the newborn with you in a moses basket or crib in your own bedroom for the first few months s/he’s around, but soon enough they’ll ‘graduate’ to having their own room.

Proximity to your bedroom is everything – the closer the room is, the easier it is for you to get up and tend to the little one at night – though this will also mean that both you and your partner are likely to be awoken; not a huge amount of fun if you are taking it in turns, too.

Be sure to have that conversation early, as if the room was previously used for storage or as a ‘man-cave’, some changes will have to be made!

Clean & organise your home

Some of the best advice from more seasoned parents is to clean and organise your living space before you bring the little one home. Not only are you going to be tired, but there will be plenty of baby-things to do, let alone the usual housework. By cleaning and organising, everything will be where you need it to be, so the running around trying to grab that extra blanket at 2am is made that little bit easier.

Decorating & general DIY

If at all possible, try and get any decorating and DIY done well in advance of the new arrival. This includes the baby’s room as well as around the home. You really don’t want to have to fix that patch of damp in the kitchen whilst running on minimal sleep!

Baby proofing

Though something that every parent will think about, a true baby proofing analysis is extensive and time-consuming. Anything that could be walked into, knocked over or damaged needs to be dealt with – put things away where possible, and cushion/remove the rest.

Make things easy

Though this might sound a bit broad, making things easy for yourself is well worth it. Especially in the early days, making food in large batches and freezing them will help for when you have had a long day (or a late night). Develop a support system around you as well: it’s important to have other people to talk to about the trials and tribulations of a newborn baby – you’re not alone in your struggle.

Above all, make sure you find time for yourself to relax wherever and whenever you can – plan it in as part of your daily routine as the baby grows.

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