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Decorating Ideas for an Awesome Student House

4th October 2016

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Moving into your student house is an exciting time. Freshers’ week is a great opportunity to meet new people, go out every night, and have house parties.

However, as lectures start and you swap nights out at the club for evenings in at the library, your student house can often begin to feel pretty bleak. What may be a perfect house for pre-drinks doesn’t always equate to feeling homely.

University life is all about balance, and decorating your student house to get the perfect work-and-play mix is key.

So follow our student house decorating ideas and tips, and your new home-away-from-home will be a hub for both going out and staying in.

Important note – If your student house decorating efforts involve anything including painting walls or anything else that would drastically change the look of the house, then it’s best to double-check with your landlord before proceeding. Some student housing contracts say that you’re not allowed to decorate at all, while others say you’re allowed to decorate so long as you put it back the way you found it when you move out. Always double-check though!

Soft furnishings

It is not uncommon for rented properties to be incredibly bland (especially student accommodation), and although this can sometimes mean that they lack personality, it just makes them easier to decorate.

Have a house meeting to decide on colours or themes for soft furnishings – deciding before you to go the shops or start looking online – will save you unnecessary arguments after everything’s been bought. Things such as cushions, blankets and rugs can help to turn seemingly-bland a student house into a comfy, welcoming home. All of these items are fairly inexpensive and can be found in the majority of furniture stores.

Set a strict budget and decide roughly what you want to get before you arrive. If you’re feeling the pinch, why not get each housemate to phone their family and see if they have any of the items that you’re after? Who knows… they could have them sat in the attic. This is a great way to save money and remind everyone of their respective family homes.

Extra kitchen things

Before coming to university, everyone has a ‘rite of passage’ shop for all things kitchen-based, but some home comforts may be taken for granted: a teapot, fridge magnets or placemats, for example. Although each of these is functional in their own right, they can also be a great way of adding an element of decoration to your kitchen – e.g. word magnets can be especially fun and are a great way to leave each other messages.

Wall art

Posters, mirrors or printed-out pictures are a great way to make a student house to feel more like a proper home. There’s a lot of variety in posters – from funny to political – and mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, so no two rooms will look the same. Mirrors are also a great way to make a room look bigger and brigher, which can be a good tactic if your student bedroom is quite small and/or only has a small window for natural daylight.

Hanging photos of your family and friends at home can help to cure some homesickness. And similarly, photos of university memories can help to remind you of all the fun times you’ve had, during those times when you’re stuck indoors revising and writing essays.

If you’re struggling to agree on decorations for your communal areas, print out your favourite photos of each other and build a collage on the kitchen wall – that way, when you’re arguing over the washing up, you can quickly remember the good times…

Get a house plant or herbs

A small plant kept in a communal area of your student house can do so much. It can help to bring a room to life, (make breathing easier), help to purify the air, and can make you happier! House plants are often easy to find and look after… Cactuses are best if you want something that’s pretty hard to kill(!), as most only need sunlight and a drink once a week.

If you want to kill two birds with one stone, grow fresh herbs in your kitchen – not only will you be able to make delicious dishes with them, but they also provide all of the benefits of a general house plant. Just remember: if anyone ever gets hungry, “Bonsai” doesn’t mean “tasty little tree” in Japanese…!

Fairy lights and candles

Fairy lights and candles are a great way to add atmosphere to student houses. They’re also easily removable and replaceable, so they can be used all year round. Battery operated fairy lights can be a great way to save on a electricity bill and to make a house feel cosy. Equally, candles can help provide atmospheric lighting and scented candles have the added bonus of smelling great.

Moving into your student house can be a really exciting time in your life and beginning to decorate it can make it really feel like home. Decorating your student house is important but can often be overlooked. University is a stressful time, so it’s important that your house feels homely. Take the time to get things sorted when you first move in and then you’ll be set for the whole year…!

As you move into and decorate your new student house, you may find that you have over-packed, or that certain things aren’t as necessary as you thought. If this becomes the case, then why not store them with us? With storage facilities in two spots in South Wales (Cardiff and Bridgend), Easystore offer storage for students that includes 24/7 access, full security, free contents insurance, and free van and forklift use (conditions apply – full info here). Get in touch with us today!

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