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How to Store Sports Equipment

8th March 2016

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Sports equipment can be some of the most infuriating, clutter-causing, mess-making and downright untidy items in your home.

The running trainers discarded from the 3-mile hike, wet laces drooling over the passage floor. The rugby kit festooned across furniture like some terrible sporting crochet, or the football precariously placed at the bottom of the stairs, awaiting the unsuspecting individual carrying another washing basket of muddy-kit. What we’re trying to say here is that sports equipment can be a pain. Storage at home is already at a minimum for daily living items, let alone for little Timmy’s hockey stick or Susan’s tennis racket. There needs to be a moment of sporting genius – not on the pitch, but in the home.

So here are some useful tips on how to store your sports equipment.

Cupboards & Baskets

Firstly with the most obvious of hiding places, cupboards offer basic and simplistic storage. Put it in a cupboard, shut the door and move on with your life. However it’s never that simple, is it? No one likes to open a closet to grab a jacket and be met by a tumbling baseball bat or a golf club that connects with your noggin. But there are ways to keep it tidy:

  • Clothes hangers are not just for t-shirts. They are perfect for sports jerseys, pads and wearable protective equipment.
  • Bins and baskets are perfect for storing smaller or loose items, such as mitts, balls, bats and clubs.
  • A shoe rack on the floor is a perfect place to keep your (dry) running shoes and football boots. However it may be worth investing in an air freshener…


Somewhat outside the box, but the ceiling of a garage or utility room can actually be a great place to store sports equipment. A bit of DIY may be necessary, but affixing some rope and cloth, or even a few plastic sheets can be an excellent storage space for a range of items:

  • Sleds
  • Surf boards
  • Golf clubs
  • Skis
  • Skate boards
  • Fishing rods


Walls are of course a great place to store sports equipment. The difference between wall storage and many other kinds of storage is that oftentimes wall storage is going to be visible. Therefore in order to maintain optimal zen, it’s important to make sure that the sporting collage looks good.

There are the obvious examples to this, such as shelving show-off items like trophies or medals, but there are also more inventive examples, such as ball claws. Ball claws will allow you to keep items such as football and baskets balls from taking up much needed floor space, as well as looking cool in general. If you have a garage then you can even affix bicycles, tennis rackets and other awkward items.

Storage Units

There are some items however that you only need to use in-season. For example, there isn’t much point keeping your skis or snowboard at home during the summer, just like there isn’t much point keeping your bulky golf clubs at home when the greens are frozen over in the winter.

For these it might make sense to use a local storage unit, to keep your equipment safe, dry and perhaps – more importantly – insured!

If you’re in need of storage space for your sports items then why not consider Easystore Self Storage? Sports equipment is just one of the many things that people use our Cardiff storage units for. Get in touch for a quote today.

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Author: Brendan

Brendan is the owner of Easystore Self Storage in Cardiff.

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