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3 Perfect Storage Containers that Can be Used Over & Over Again at Waste-free Stores

28th March 2019

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Single-use plastic is a global issue facing all of us. The stark reality is that human beings need to drastically alter the way we use plastic, starting with eradicating its single-use nature.

If we are to use plastic, we need to emphatically cut down on the waste element and ensure we are using it responsibly, including using it multiple times at the very least.

The rise of waste-free shops such as ripple – based in Cardiff – allow customers to bring in their own containers to fill, ensuring that any plastic used is utilised time and time again.

Here are three perfect containers of various material  that are perfect to reuse time and time again.

Spice containers

Herbs and spices make our food taste extra special and no good home is without its own collection.

When buying herbs and spices in supermarkets, many of them come in both plastic and glass containers. Instead of popping these back into the recycling after using them, these are ideal to reuse as waste-free stores or for other purposes such as storing garlic cloves.

If you have a purpose-built spice rack, you could even take these containers to the waste-free stores, enabling you to make sure you never have to purchase another container in the first place.

Gu Yoghurts

These yoghurts not only taste fantastic but some come in glass containers that are very similar to ramekins you get in restaurants that are used to serve condiments and sauces.

Once you’re finished with the yoghurts, simply wash the glass containers out and store in your cupboard. When enjoying a meal that requires sauces, reuse these containers – they’re perfect for dipping!

They not only look great but they are perfect for mango chutney when entertaining friends over a good old curry.

Just to clarify, there are other yoghurts that may offer this, but these particular ones are very impressive.

Fabric softener

The large containers that hold liquid fabric softener are perfect for reusing at waste-free stores. The large diameter of the neck of the bottle allows most liquid to be poured in and stored. However we would recommend you stick to the same product if you can in order to limit cross-contamination – even if you have given it a thorough rinse. We would advise against any drinkable liquid being stored in these containers for the same reason.

Many waste-free stores will have options available to customers. If you’re ever unsure about what to use then be sure to ask them.

If you’re in South Wales and considering visiting ripple, we highly recommend them.

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