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Top Tips for Students Packing Up For the Summer

31st May 2016

It’s that time of year again. For some, that first year of university is complete – you’ll have settled in, made some friends, enjoyed a few nights out and generally gotten to grips with university life. Next comes the all-important second year where the academic ball really gets rolling as you pick your modules and begin the weightier parts of your degree. You might also be looking to get out from those student halls and into a house with three or more of your amigos.

Or, perhaps you have just completed your second year and now the dreaded third year and dissertation looms. As you enjoy that last summer as a university student, you’ll want to get as much prepared beforehand, including final year living arrangements and study supplies.

There are so many important decisions to make and so much to think about before you don your shades and hit the beach. There’s the arduous task of ensuring all your stuff is kept safe, secure and where you can find it. Fear not perplexed pupil, for we at EasyStore have put together a sizzling scorcher of a guide to packing up for the summer. You lucky thing you.

New accommodation – do your research!

One of the most important and enjoyable aspects of university is moving away and standing on your own two feet. But of course it helps if your independent fortress of solitude is actually fit for human habitation…!

  • Find the right group of friends – Living with those whom you dislike can make one of the best times of your life one of the more miserable. Make sure you choose to live with people you get on with, or at least can tolerate.
  • Do your research – Once you’ve established your party, do your research on the prospective digs. Take pictures of the house to look at later when you discuss your options, ask as many questions as you can think of, check the local area for shops and bus routes, check the appliances and make sure that the space and price are right.
  • Check the contract – Read through all of the contract and have anything you don’t understand explained to you. You’ll also need to bring a guarantor with you to sign (usually your parents) so be sure to have them read through it too.
  • Storing items – Some landlords do not allow you to store items in their accommodation out of term-time, which can make it difficult either side of term-time. For this, there is of course your local friendly storage company which can keep your items safe, dry and insured whilst you are away – especially if you’re unable to ship everything back home in the meantime.

Packing your items – stay organised!

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Something any student will tell you is that over the course of your time at university you will acquire a lot of clutter. Be it outdated class notes, student freebies, pizza boxes, empty liquor bottles that ‘would make an amazing candle holder’ and countless club leaflets. Therefore, top of the packing list should be to reduce clutter and maximise space.

  • Have a clear-out – If you haven’t worn it, used it, or even looked at it twice in the last six months, throw it!
  • Box your important items – Try and keep them as organised as you can, room-by-room. Then it’s simply a matter of writing ‘bedroom’ onto the box for you to easily store and unpack next term.
  • Plan for the season – You aren’t going to need that winter coat or heavy jacket over the summer, so be sure to store it safely for when winter comes next year.
  • Use sturdy boxes – The last thing you need when packing items for storage or to accompany you home is for them to break mid-trip, sending your Mickey Mouse alarm clock to an untimely gravitational mishap.
  • Know what you need – Finally, be sure that you have everything you need, especially if your home is far away from your university or college, or if the landlord won’t give you access over the summer period!

Know your storage

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If you’re unable to move everything back home between terms and need somewhere to store it in the meantime then you may have to consider storing your things in a self storage facility for a few months. If this is the case with you then it’s important to pick a self storage provider that’s right for you. Here are some key things to consider:

  • Location – The closer to your university or living accommodation the better.
  • Use of a van – Some facilities will offer additional support to help you move your items into storage. Be sure to ask at the facility that you wish to use.
  • Check for insurance – Some storage facilities offer limited contents insurance, others go the whole way and fully insure.
  • Ensure you have full access – Be sure to check that you have full access to your items for the time of storage and that the facility doesn’t close or is unmanned during key times.
  • Security – Naturally you want your items to be safe, so it’s important to check that the very facility that houses them also keeps them securely locked and monitored.

Studying in South Wales and need access to a student storage facility in Cardiff or Bridgend? Easystore Self Storage offers safe, secure storage with free contents insurance at competitive student rates. The facilities in both locations are fully accessible 365 days a year and come with free van hire should you need it. Get in touch today!

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