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3 Storage Tips & Ideas for University Students

23rd March 2023

A minimalist-style university dorm room, showing a bed, desk, computer, guitar, TV and other objects.
Whether you’re staying close to home or relocating to somewhere far afield, your university days can be the best days of your life.

People tend to acquire a lot of stuff once they start university – from books, to equipment and sports gear.

By far the biggest issue many university students face is the fact they have two bedrooms. Now, in an article which gives advice on how to maximise space, having two bedrooms may be seen as a positive. However, you can only live in one bedroom at a time, so knowing what to bring with you each time usually results in more stuff in one room than normal.

Crucially, when people return home from their university days they tend to try and fit two things into one room.

Check out our storage tips below that are aimed at those undergraduates who need that extra bit of space…

1. Be pragmatic with spares

One way to avoid extra stuff is by arming each room with the essentials, so you don’t have to drag items back and forth. From small items such as chargers, toothbrushes and cosmetics, you can make sure you have either in both rooms. With items having a natural home, this will help avoid clutter building up in either room.

2. Seasonal clothes

If you’re typically spending lots of time at university during the colder months, make sure you have the right clothing in the right location. There’s no need to have your winter wardrobe clogging up space at home when you only wear it at university. Likewise, your home bedroom should contain your lighter wear, to see you through those summer holidays.

3. Storage containers

These are your friend, here. As soon as you come home from university, pack away those items that you won’t need for a number of months. Use storage containers to efficiently pack away your items that you won’t need until you return. These storage containers can then live underneath beds, in cupboards, garages, or even lofts – well out of the way.

If you live close to Cardiff, South Wales and need student storage, then why not consider Easystore? Our storage units in Cardiff are secure, accessible 24/7/365, and reasonably priced. Get in touch to find out more, or use our online quote form.

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Author: Brendan

Brendan is the owner of Easystore Self Storage in Cardiff.

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