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5 Smart Student Storage Solutions

26th May 2017

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Housing is one of the biggest stresses in student life. From landlords who wait six months to sort out your sink to housemates who play drum and bass until 4am on a week night, finding the perfect student home can be a royal pain – and actually moving in can be even trickier, especially if you don’t have a car of your own.

Whether you’re moving out of halls and into private digs, switching properties over the summer or moving into a smaller pad, figuring out what to do with all your stuff is tough. But worry not! Even without a helping hand from mum and dad, sorting your possessions is totally doable.

These five smart student storage solutions could provide the answer you’re looking for…

1) Self storage

You should find accessible self storage options in any student town or city. Available for short periods (like the summer holidays) and for longer leases (perhaps you’re spending a year abroad), these secure spaces provide a place for you to stash your stuff while you’re in between student digs or suffering from a serious case of overspill.

Usually pretty reasonably priced (certainly less than extending your rent for two months or finding a bigger house), self storage allows you to pack up and do your thing, content in the knowledge that your essentials will be ready and waiting, safe as houses, until you need them. Some providers even offer free use of a van to help you to transport your gear.

2) Ask your mates

Not everyone abandons studentville over the summer holidays. Some students work in the local area, keeping them in the neighbourhood while everyone else heads for the beach, the festival circuit or the family home. Consider asking (or even paying) your mate to house your gear for a month or two. They may have an empty room left by a housemate which will accommodate your stuff. You’ll definitely owe them a favour though.

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3) Extend your contract

If your contract is up in May or June, asking your landlord to consider extending it could mean there’s no need to touch your stuff until moving in day. This can be tricky if the landlord has another tenant lined up, or your housemates aren’t keen, but if you have the cash and the co-operation, it will make life easier.

You may also want to consider talking to your future landlord to find out if they’d be amenable to you storing your stuff at the future property if it is currently vacant. Offering to pay an extra fee for the privilege could sweeten the deal, though this is something of a long shot.

4) Pack everything properly

We know how it is. When time is of the essence, it’s all you can do to throw everything you own into hastily sourced cardboard boxes before you clear out. However proper packing can make storage – and your moving days – much, much easier, leaving you with less to carry. You’ll also have a pile of stuff that’s far easier to store, whether you’re using self storage or your parents’ loft.

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5) Go “minimal”

Think about it. Do you really need all that stuff? Is your shisha pipe an important part of your daily life? Will those books be necessary next year or are they readily available from the library? Paring back your piles of stuff will make moving and storage much simpler, and it could make you some money too. Sites like Abebooks make it easy to sell academic literature, while eBay is of course the place to go to sell your unnecessary clutter. Charity shops are always happy to see donations too. Time to make a change and travel light!

With storage facilities in Cardiff and Bridgend, Easystore Self Storage offers affordable, secure student storage that’s accessible 24/7. Why not enquire today?

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