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Top Tips For Packing Up Your House To Move

2nd September 2015

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Moving house or packing items for storage? Check out our top tips for packing up your house to move:

  • Wrapping breakable items in clothing is a far more efficient way to protect them, rather than spending excessive amounts of money on bubble wrap.
  • Make sure to label all your boxes with what they contain and what room they’ll be going into. If you separate your boxes into different rooms, it will make the task of unpacking look like little manageable chunks rather than dealing with an ominous mountain of possessions.
  • Keep small sandwich bags close-by when packing to hold any small parts like screws and nails, so you don’t lose them!
  • If you’re not tech-savvy, take a picture of how your electricals are connected to help you put them back together when you’re setting everything up again.
  • Use everything you can as a box. Make use of all baskets, laundry hampers and suitcases to utilise as much space as possible.
  • The fastest way to pack a closet is to take a plastic bag and pull it up over your clothes, lifting them off the rail in one go. It may take a couple of bags, but it’s easier than trying to pack everything individually and you won’t need to take anything off the hangers and put them back on again when you get to your new home!
  • Vacuum seal clothing that you’re unlikely to wear. If you’re moving during the summer, pack up those woolly jumpers – it’s unlikely that you’ll need them.
  • Do all of your packing before anyone turns up to help you move – whether it be the movers or your friends. You don’t want to be rushing around while they’re waiting to move your things.
  • Put all materials that are potentially hazardous – such as like paint, bleach and aerosols – in a separate box and keep them away from everything else to avoid disasters.
  • Check that your contents insurance will cover damage and breakages before you move anything.
  • Make sure that large boxes aren’t too full of heavy items, as they’ll then be too heavy to move.
  • Keep important items close to hand in a separate box – such as torches, a first-aid kit, pain relief, pencil and paper, and a small tool kit.

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