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Project Lockdown: DIY Ideas to Transform Your Garden

29th May 2020

Back garden photo
Whilst restrictions on lockdown are being introduced, there is still time to get your garden in shape for the summer. Make the most of time at home whether you’re furloughed, still working, or finding yourself twiddling your thumbs in the evenings and on weekends.

Here are four ideas on how to transform your garden that you won’t cost the earth (no pun intended)…

Important note – When carrying out the below gardening-related activities, make sure you do so in accordance with your region/country’s lockdown rules. For example, in Wales, garden centres recently reopened to the public – but the situation might be different depending on where you live in the world. Stay safe!

1. Sort the garden shed

An obvious one – and a principle you can carry throughout the home – is to sort out the garden shed. Many of us have sheds that are in dire need of a good sort-out. From old paint pots to tools we no longer need, you’ll be surprised what you’ll find lurking in the back of your shed. Use this opportunity to sort out what you need and potentially sell or donate unwanted items to neighbours. Many community Facebook pages are awash with people offering up their unwanted items – you’ll be surprised what people will take off your hands!

2. Question what you use your garden for

This is a perfect opportunity to identify what you use your garden for. During lockdown, gardens have become much more than just something pretty at the front and/or rear of the house. Many people are using the space to work and exercise, especially given the nice weather. Take this opportunity to plan your garden to how you will best use it; if that is repurposing a previously unused area of the garden to use it as a gym (such as a shed) or a driveway, then look to configure the area to suit your needs. Whilst lockdown restrictions may be starting to ease, the social distancing principles are likely to be with us for some time. Any changes you make to the garden are likely to be enjoyed for the foreseeable future, at least.

3. Decking

A popular addition to any garden, decking allows you to have a space to use 365 days per year. It can be expensive, but if planned correctly, and by using the right tools and taking your time, it can be a very cost-effective way to improve your garden. Make sure you consult planning guidelines and measure, measure, measure so that you aren’t left with lots of decking boards and timber. There are composite alternatives to wood but these are much more costly but do tend to last a lot longer.

4. Assess plants and greenery

Take time to look at shrubs, plants and trees and apply proper care to them, trim off dead ends and ensure it is getting sunlight and watered correctly. De-weed anything that you want to take out but look at natural alternatives which are kind to animals and neighbouring plants.

Easystore Self Storage is a storage unit provider in South Wales. With storage facilities in Cardiff and Bridgend, we offer various storage solutions – including garden furniture storage (be sure to read our guide on storing garden furniture). Contact us today for more info.

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