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5 Tips for Keeping a Garden Under Control (& Using Storage to Your Advantage)

23rd October 2023

A photo of a garden with a neat grass lawn, with flowers and bushes either side of it
With autumn now in full-swing, now is the time to start planning your garden for next summer. Whilst you may not be able to do much of the work, you can plan for it – including how to maximise your storage requirements for the garden.

1. Manage the gardening basics

A location suitable for gardening, protection from pests and intruders, adding organic matter to the garden annually, using organic fertilizer when needed, managing or using weeds effectively, watering plants as needed, choosing plants that are well-suited to environmental conditions and soil type.

2. Plan for a bigger garden

Rather than plopping your large garden anywhere, it’s entirely worthwhile to spend time preparing an ideal location. This should include easy access to your parking area for bringing in bulk garden amendments. Access to a water source is critical. Creating good drainage using methods like terracing, retaining walls, raised beds, or more will pay off long-term. Proximity to your potting shed, vegetable washing station, or root cellar may also factor into your large garden location.

3. Protect plants

A big garden is likely to attract a lot of pests. Foxes, rodents, digging dogs, and cats all show up when you start planting en masse. Do yourself a huge favour and build a suitable fence or another barrier to protect your plants at the outset. Use secure storage solutions such as greenhouse (both glass and plastic sheeted), as well as your garden shed, outdoor storage boxes, and your garage. These will all help to protect your plants from pests.

4. Multiple entry points

In a big garden, also having multiple entries can save tons of time. You can have one at the foot and middle side of your garden. You can also have one that leads to your chicken run. That makes giving chickens garden scraps and collecting their manure as fertilizer very easy.

5. Use mulch

Mulch is an excellent way to keep weeds under control while also retaining moisture in the soil. Coffee rinds are your friend here, too. If you know someone who likes ground coffee, you’ll be doing them a favour by taking it off their hands and save it from going in the compost waste.

Assessing your storage

By planning ahead and following the above five tips, you can see what you need to store to get your dream garden. You can then make decisions on what you need to get rid of, keep, repurpose, or put into storage.

Need storage? If you’re based in the South Wales area, then why not consider Easystore? With a storage facility just off Newport Road in Cardiff, we offer a plethora of domestic storage solutions, including garden furniture storage. Get in touch with us or use our online quote form today.

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Author: Brendan

Brendan is the owner of Easystore Self Storage in Cardiff.

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