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Outdoor Toy Storage Ideas: Protecting the Garden

4th July 2022

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In our last post, we covered how children and their toys can take over your home (that is, of course, without clear storage solutions).

In that post (which you can read here: Toy Storage Ideas – How to Stop Them Taking Over Your Home), we outlined how interior hacks can help declutter your home from the raft of cuddly toys, plastic paraphernalia, and armies of figures.

This time, in this ‘toy storage: part two’ post, we offer a few outdoor toy storage ideas – to help save your garden from the same fate…

4 outdoor toy storage ideas

1. Specific storage boxes

This may seem like a blindingly obvious tip, but it may not be adhered to by every family. Outdoor storage boxes – in lieu of a traditional garden shed – have risen in popularity in recent years. Whilst they are extremely effective at managing the aesthetics of a garden, they are often a mess inside. Using specific storage boxes for specific needs, you can home all your children’s toys and items in there in an orderly fashion – without them getting mixed up with expensive garden furniture and muddy boots.

2. Messy play

Sand pits, water tables, or (even worse) playdough stations all have one positive feature: they can act as storage as well as facilitating hell on earth. In general, children’s tables and desks that are appropriate for living outdoors can always hold smaller toys with their inserted trays. As long as the messy play area hides all the – well – mess, then everyone is a winner.

3. Outdoor furniture (with built-in storage)

Whether it’s your beautiful chaise lounge, rattan sofa, or formal garden dining table, there are lots of options that have built-in storage. Of course, you don’t want anything too corrosive being housed in your posh furniture – but for any toys that won’t create any mess or damage, it wouldn’t hurt to keep them hidden beneath benches and tables.

4. Wooden pallets

One for the DIY-ers: wooden pallets can be assembled to create rustic-looking storage solutions – whether they’re for firewood, household items, or – indeed – children’s toys. This option is probably best suited to those items that won’t get damaged in the rain. The sky’s the limit for this option, too – as there are some fantastic creations made from humble beginnings as pallets. It also helps reduce needless waste, too.

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Brendan is the owner of Easystore Self Storage in Cardiff.

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