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The Weird, the Wonderful & the Down-right Practical: All the Items that have been Stored at Easystore

28th January 2019

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We frequently get asked what items people typically place in storage.

The honest answer is that is really can be anything, assuming it is safe and legal. Below, we have put together a small list of typical items that have been stored with us over the years, which also includes links to old guides we’ve written related to each section.

Leisure equipment

Due to the amount of space these items can take up, it is very common for customers to store bikes, surfboards, hiking gear, golf equipment and sports equipment in our units. Most of these are seasonal, to a degree, and using self storage as an extended shed is a great idea – especially if the equipment is of high value. Our units are incredibly secure and fully insured, so you don’t need to worry.

Our blog posts and guides related to leisure equipment storage:

Outdoor and garden furniture

Similarly to the above, these items are seasonal are not of much use in the colder months. As opposed to leaving them exposed to the elements, storing garden furniture safely in our facility has proved a popular option with our customers. This includes BBQs, inflatable pools, hot tubs and camping equipment.

Our blog posts and guides related to garden furniture storage:

Household items

Items such as clothing, bedding, quilts, wedding dresses and suits have been stored with us in the past as a way of preserving them for when they are not in use. Dehumidifiers are available in our units which ensure these items are protected and do not get damaged.

Our blog posts and guides related to the storing of household items:

Young family equipment

Items such as baby furniture, costs, changing tables, highchairs and prams are regularly stored at our premises. It’s a perfect solution for families who are short of space but want to retain ownership of these items which helps family planning and puts less pressure on purchasing these items as new every new year.

Our blog posts and guides related to young family equipment storage:


Due to the secure and well-maintained nature of our units, they prove popular with customers who want to store collectables such as comics, video games, records and antiques. Our generous insurance policy covers all contents as standard so our customers take advantage of this and store their precious goods with us with confidence.

Our blog posts and guides related to collectables storage:

That is a flavour of the types of goods people choose to store with Easystore. Please get in touch if you wish to learn any more or request whether we would be able to store a special item.

Looking for self storage? Easystore Self Storage is your answer when it comes to South Wales. With our storage facilities in Cardiff, we’re the go-to choice – with lots of perks and lots of happy customers. Contact us today or use our quick online quote form.

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Author: Brendan

Brendan is the owner of Easystore Self Storage in Cardiff.

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