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Top Tips for Keeping your Camping Equipment Safe Out of Season

7th September 2016

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If you’re a keen camper or a festival fan, the end of summer marks a time of year where you say goodbye to portable toilets and pack up your tent one last time. If you’ve spent any time in a tent at a festival or at a family campsite then you’ll be well aware of the sheer mound of stuff that can accumulate! Be it the kitchen sink for camping or a constant supply of deodorant and glitter for a festival, making sure that all your camping equipment is properly stored will help make your first trip next season easier, dryer and safer!

So follow our tips and ideas for sorting and storing your camping equipment out of season and you’ll be able to enjoy next year with ease!

Clean and dry

As soon as you get back from your final trip of the summer, make sure that everything is clean and dry. Wash and tumble dry* all sleeping bags, and roll out all tents, fold-away furniture, sleeping mats and tarps and leave them out in the sun. The better you dry them out this time, the less damp and smelly they’ll be when you’re ready to use them next time. When it’s time to put everything away, put a few dryer sheets in their bags – this will help to keep things smelling fresh.

* If it says it can be tumble dried, that is – always double-check the label!

Establish a system!

Start with boxes and a notepad. Each box should be dedicated to a different part of camping, for example: kitchen box, a bathroom box, a bedroom box, etc. As you begin to put things away, note down exactly what you’re putting in each box. Knowing precisely where everything is will make it easier when it comes to next season. Keep the notebook in a safe place during the off-months and refer back to it when you go shopping for more camping gear! This will ensure that you don’t end up with unnecessary bits of equipment or without something important.

Good working order

While you’re packing everything away, look out for things that either need repairing or replacing. Check all torches and gadgets – such as portable chargers – for new batteries. Replacing these now will save you getting caught in the dark or without a phone. Also, take this opportunity to make repairs to any small holes in your tents or tarps – duct tape can work wonders and can save you from buying a new tent!


Speaking of tents, if you look after yours then it will look after you! After a long season of being put up and taken down, your tent will probably need some TLC. Make sure that all pegs and poles are still together and that the guide ropes aren’t tangled. Sweep through it one final time to make sure that it is free from debris and clean off any mud or marks. Use this time to spray it with waterproofer, which will minimise the chance of a damp trip next season!

Clean your equipment

Deep clean everything you’ve used to cook while camping. These utensils won’t be used for at least another five months, so the last thing you’ll want is to start packing them for your first trip only to find last year’s barbecue has been with you the whole time…! Run everything through your dishwasher on a hot/intensive wash and then ensure that everything is as dry as a bone, as moisture can lead to mould. By thoroughly cleaning your camping kitchen, you will also deter animals and bugs trying to find their way into your things.

Remove all gas canisters

Gas is pressurised and can be dangerous. Remove the canisters from heaters, cookers and kettles and ensure that they are kept in an upright position. It is imperative that these are then stored in well-ventilated places away from heat or ignition sources. This is also a good opportunity to see which canisters may need replacing for next year.

Your outdoor clothes

The vast majority of your outdoor clothes can continue to be used for outdoor winter activities, however it’s still important to make sure that they are all clean and ready to be used again. If you’re washing waterproof jackets then make sure that you remember to add waterproofer to the cycle! Similarly, spray any walking boots or shoes to make sure that they won’t let you down the next time you wear them. Once everything is clean, a canvas-covered clothes rail offers perfect protection from moisture and moths while not taking up too much space.


Camping is a great time to play garden games in the sun with your friends and family, but while you’re packing these away, be sure to keep everything together so that next camping season you can carry on the fun exactly where it stopped last time!

Putting everything away until next year

Finding somewhere to keep all your nicely organised camping gear can prove tricky, simply due to the sheer amount of it. You need to find somewhere clean that will help deter bugs or rodents, and it also needs to be safe, as camping equipment can be expensive to replace. It’s also vital to keep it all dry in order to avoid mould from developing. Garages and sheds can prove excellent spaces for keeping everything in one place, but can sometimes be quite damp. With that in mind, it might be best to store it at a nearby storage facility instead.

Easystore Self Storage offers domestic storage solutions in South Wales, so if you’re struggling to keep all of your camping equipment stored at home then we’re here to help! With storage units in Cardiff and Bridgend, our facilities are accessibly 24/7/365 – so if you can only store things late in the evening, or you decide to go on a spontaneous camping adventure one weekend and need to come and grab your gear, then that’s fine! Get in touch for a quote today!

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