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Reasons For Using Storage Units For Domestic Storage

6th July 2015

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Self storage is not something that we really think about – until you need it. Usually a situation springs up on you and you realise there and then that you may need it. There are the obvious reasons for using self storage, such as moving house or making room to redecorate, but there are many other reasons that you might need to have somewhere to store your possessions…

You might have no attic space. With traditionally small houses here in the UK, loft conversions are highly popular – although this leaves many houses without an attic for storage. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a house with a garage, so you may need space to store bulky seasonal items, such as Christmas decorations, gardening tools and sports equipment.

People are often unwilling to part with their possessions but don’t have the space at home to store them. They might be things that aren’t useful, but you just can’t bear to part with them. Similarly, you may have recently had a relative who has passed away and may be unsure what to do with their possessions. You may not have the time to sort them out immediately, so storing them away from your house is a great solution. It means there are no constant reminders of your loved one in your house and you can take time to go through their things at your leisure without rushing any decisions.

Storage facilities are equipped with large outdoor units. You may have something large to store, such as a classic car that you’re hoping to spend some time restoring, or perhaps a boat that you don’t have the space for at home.
Students also need a lot of storage space – they are often moving house, and shared houses offer little space for excess possessions.

Travelling is also a popular reason for using self storage. If you’re going abroad for a long period of time and aren’t keeping a flat but need somewhere to keep your possessions, then a storage unit is perfect. It doesn’t chalk up huge bills like continuing to rent a flat does, and you don’t have to sell all of your keepsakes just to travel the world.

If you need domestic storage for any of the reasons above (or perhaps for another reason entirely!) then be sure to speak to Easystore Self Storage. With storage units in Cardiff and Bridgend, we’re the go-to storage facilities in the South Wales region. Contact us today!

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