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Heavy Duty Hobbies: How Self Storage can Perpetrate your Pastime

27th April 2016

The hobby. The dictionary defines it as an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time, for pleasure. It’s also used archaically to describe a small horse or pony, which is apt as some hobbies require the same amount of space and equipment.

With heavy duty hobbies comes heavy duty equipment. A darts player may only need a set of arrows and the back of a doorframe, but a cross-country skier is going to need far more expensive and expansive equipment. A swimmer is only going to need those uncomfortable Speedos and a set of goggles, whilst those engaging in spelunking (or those fighting crime as a bat in spelunking gear) will need hard-hats, LED lights, a hard-wearing over suit, grappling rope, tiny ninja stars in the shape of a bat… you get the idea. As described in our guide to decluttering one’s home, the less equipment and items you can have around the house, the greater your Zen, Chi and Feng Shui.

Not only will all these hobbies take up a lot of space, the items are often very costly. One solution is to evict a member of the family, remove all the furniture from their room and fill it with all the items necessary for your deep sea fishing ventures. However, a more ethical solution would be to make use of a self storage facility! Easystore offers its customers 24/7, 365 day a year access to their storage containers, along with full and free contents insurance.

With that in mind, we at Easystore thought it prudent to compile a list of some of the common heavy duty hobbies along with the necessary equipment needed for these hobbies. We also included some of the more uncommon hobbies, partly because they are interesting – but mainly because they are funny.


Golf image
Golfing equipment is not only cumbersome, but quality clubs are expensive. By the time you’ve collected that perfect driver that adds yards to your normal effort; you’ve probably accrued a fair collection of equipment. Clubs, balls, bags and shoes all take up space. ‘Golf is a good walk spoilt,’ someone somewhere once said – well that person never had a golf cart!

5 Tips for Storing Golf Clubs at Home


Game fishing, coarse fishing, sea fishing, fly fishing – there are many different ways to catch a fish, but one thing is constant – they all require some fairly hefty equipment. Rods, reels, bait, hooks, nets, tackle boxes, chairs, shelters, clothing… a boat…


The clothing and accessories alone could fill a blog post – add to that an actual sailboat and you’ve got yourself a truly heavy duty hobby!

Classic car restoration & maintenance

Not only is the art of restoring a classic car expensive, it also requires a plethora of tools, parts, time and space. Keeping your labour of love in a clean, secure storage facility means you can rest assured that your car is safe and fully insured. Another perk is that the storage facilities are open 24/7 meaning you have complete access to your metallic mistress whenever you need, without the fear of waking up the neighbours. Read more about our classic car storage.


Another popular but seasonal hobby is the art of getting from the top of a snow covered slope to the bottom with only minor abrasions – also known as skiing. Of course skis are an essential part of skiing, along with boots and bindings and waterproofs, but an important factor is the readiness. Unless you live at the foot of an avalanche-prone snow dune, you probably aren’t going to need to grab your skis with only a three-minute warning. Keeping your ski equipment safe in a storage facility means that your equipment is dry and available for that trip to France, without the headache of your carving ski clouting your partner in the head as it falls from the top of the cupboard.

Music (especially drums)

Big drum kit image
Drums – by their very definition – are noisy. Not only do they risk bringing you the wrath of annoyed neighbours, they require a large amount of space. The standard drum kit consists of three toms, a bass drum, a snare drum, a crash cymbal, a hi-hat cymbal and several stands and pedals. By storing your drum kit in a self storage facility, you can play to your heart’s content, safe in the knowledge that you are not annoying Mr Jones in number 4 or waking Mrs Smith who’s currently on nights. There might also be room to add a few more instruments… Nirvana had far humbler beginnings.

Our Guide To Storing Musical Instruments


Camping requires a lot of bulky equipment, not to mention the fact that even the most hardwearing of tents must be stored safe and dry if it’s to last. The tent, pegs, mallet, sleeping bag, camp bed/mattress, water container, stove, first aid kit… the list is endless, and ideally it all needs to be kept together if you are to avoid a frantic scavenge prior to each camping trip.

Extreme ironing

Extreme ironing image
Ever felt that ironing was frustrating? Sometimes you just can’t get that crease out of those jeans and the collar on that overly starched shirt just won’t co-operate. Well then, the only solution should be to iron those clothes whilst simultaneously tandem diving out of an aeroplane! Or if heights aren’t your thing then perhaps you would prefer ironing at the bottom of the ocean? Whatever your extreme sport, if you can pack an iron and an ironing board, you too can reach the tongue-in-cheek thrill of adrenaline fuelled activities with the Zen of a well-pressed shirt.

Historical reenactments*

World War reenactment image
Like many readers I often have little to no room to store my muskets, RPGs and US built Sherman M4 Allied Tanks. Therefore a fully insured and kevlar re-enforced storage facility is handy for safe keeping in-between battles. After all, the recreation of Operation Torch only happens but once per year. However, scissors are not permitted to be stored in storage – they are sharp and could end up really hurting someone. Flamethrowers, Molotov cocktails, frag grenades and replicas of the Fat Man nuclear bomb dropped on Nagasaki are all fine.*

* This final entry is made in jest – no weapons are allowed to be stored in Easystore Self Storage!

Whatever your storage needs, Easystore Self Storage is on-hand to help. Our storage facilities in Cardiff are fully secured, 24/7-accessible and each have glowing reviews from happy customers. Get in touch today.

[Image credits – golf, drum kit, extreme ironing, war reenactment]

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Author: Brendan

Brendan is the owner of Easystore Self Storage in Cardiff.

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