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Our Guide To Decluttering Your Home (Room By Room)

26th January 2016

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Well, the holidays are well and truly over. Food has been eaten, drink has been drunk, the presents were unwrapped, the socks were put away and the shower gel has been put to good use. So what now? You may have noticed something about your home – it seems to have gotten… smaller. How did that happen? There was so much room before, but now there is naught but boxes, toys and clothes. Well that new ambient-white-noise emitter is taking up some space, as well as the Super Soaker 4,000,000…

It may surprise you to learn than your home has been taken over by items – some you use, some you only look at – wondering what they are or where they came from, certain only of one thing: they are there and taking up precious space! Something must be done. It’s you or them! It’s time to declutter!

On that note, grab your mop and prepare your cupboards, for here is our guide to de-junking the Christmas-fuelled mess that was once your beautiful home, covering the most critical rooms in your house one-by-one…

Decluttering the Living Room

Let’s start at the nerve centre: the living room. Many an hour is spent here – reading, watching television, aimlessly staring at the wall… but what also accumulates is clutter.

First things first, assess the room. Cast your mind back if you can to what the room looked like before Amazon took 30% of the living room equity and begin to decide what has to go!

Electricals are your biggest enemy, including TV remotes – these should be stored in any available cupboards, or coffee table draws. Magazines, TV guides, letters and books may also be stored here, or if you are an esteemed lounge connoisseur, you may have a pouffe with storage hidden within it. Woven baskets with handles also offer a stylish way to hide bits and bobs that you don’t use but will want immediate access to – such as that Rubik’s Cube you will solve ‘at some point’…

Decluttering the Kitchen & Dining Room

Aha! I have plenty of cupboards, so no need to declutter here – move along.

…Unfortunately, it is not that easy. Yes, there are plenty of items than can be confidently stored away in cupboards – clean dishes for example – but some items are just too bulky to constantly take in and out of the cupboard – such as a coffee machine. This is where you need to get creative and try to incorporate items into your general kitchen design.

As for smaller items, it’s all about organisation. Every item should have its own place in a draw, that way things don’t pile up on each other, or end up being left on the kitchen counter. Again, get creative – for example old tissue boxes make excellent storage for plastic bags!

Decluttering the Bedroom

Ahh, the bedroom – a sanctuary from the world. Or rather it would be if you could make it past the piles of clothes strewn across the floor, or see any bedside table through the mouldy tea cups and half empty glasses of water.

The key to bedroom bliss? Less is more! Keep furniture to a minimum – it just makes the room feel cramped and gives you less floor space compared to a well-placed shelf. Wardrobe organisers can make a real different when it comes to keeping clothes off the floor and out of the way – many come with compartments for different items, helping you to make the most of the space.

Be brutal though. Bin, sell or donate anything that doesn’t need to be in the bedroom. If you need it, it should have a place of its own anyway…!

Decluttering the Bathroom

Correlation is key to keeping a bathroom Zen. Organise your products and items – much like the living room, small wicker baskets can be a godsend for creams, gels, waxes and lotions. Speaking of products, bin everything that you don’t regularly use – if you don’t need them, they are taking up precious space.

Of all the rooms in your home, it’s the bathroom that may require the most organisation to keep clutter-free – leaving anything out-of-place can make the room look like a shared accommodation.

*BONUS* – Decluttering the Garden Shed

The de-junking nirvana that is the garden shed… Tins of paint, old lawn mowers, spiders the size of cats, tools, free weights, car parts, old memorabilia and of course the ‘I’ll use it someday’ items – the garden sheds of Wales have them all. But they could be used for so much more! Just think of the possibilities: summer houses filled with mini fridges of ice cold drinks, deck chairs…

A great way to utilise the most out of your garden shed is to use it seasonally – local self storage is a great place to keep the BBQ, deck chairs and plant pots during the winter. Doing so can really free-up some much needed room.

Having trouble decluttering your home? You could consider renting a self storage facility, especially if you have any items that you simply cannot part with but do not have the space to store them at home. With storage units in Cardiff, we’re the go-to storage space provider in South Wales. Why not give us a call?

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Author: Brendan

Brendan is the owner of Easystore Self Storage in Cardiff.

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