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5 Signs When You Know It’s Time to Move Home

15th February 2021

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Lockdown and government restrictions over the last 11 months have resulted in many individuals, couples and families reassessing their options when it comes to housing and accommodation.

Very little else is as big a decision as to where you choose to live.

Below are five scenarios that tell you that you may need to consider moving…

1. Fallen out of love with the area

Irrespective of whatever you can do to a house or apartment, the area the property is in is extremely difficult to change. Whether its anti-social behaviour, nightmare neighbours, or a new development… if you find you no longer love the area you live in, it may be time to look elsewhere. It’s often the way that you are far better off living in the worst house in the best area possible rather than the best house in the worst area.

2. Running out of space

As a storage firm, we know a thing or two about needing space. With many of us working from home over the last year, as well as spending more time at home than we ever thought was possible, we may have come to scrutinise our living space to a greater degree. If you are changing the way you’ll work longer-term and you require a proper home office space, take a look at those properties that may afford you that option. Likewise, take stock and see if the property you’re in has adequate storage space and amenities such as a decent garden – now is the time to consider a change.

3. School choices

Getting into the right school is vitally important to many parents and guardians. Prioritising children’s education is paramount to many families, so it is no surprise that many move homes and areas to get their children into the preferential school. If you’re weighing up whether such a move is necessary, take time to research the area as well as financial implications of the move.

4. Financial pressure

Given the devastating impact COVID has had on our economy, it is no surprise that many people are reassessing their financial position. Whether you’ve been made redundant, been placed on furlough, or if money is just tight, consider whether moving to a more affordable property would be a sensible move. Stretching yourself to afford the rent or mortgage, as well as rising bills, is exceptionally difficult and can place a lot of stress and strain on relationships.

5. Dream opportunities

If the last year has taught us anything it is to make the most of life and not to take anything for granted. If you’ve always wanted to undertake a renovation project and an opportunity has presented itself, why not take it? If it doesn’t place too much additional pressure on you, consider making the move. Apply this thinking to using the pandemic to re-evaluate your priorities. If a move out of the city and into a more rural setting is what you desire, then explore it. Likewise, if you want to make that move to your dream urban jungle, now is the time to think about pouncing.

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* And if you’re moving to Cardiff specifically, then check out our guide on moving to Cardiff as well as our guide on moving to Cardiff from London (if you’ll be relocating from London).

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Author: Brendan

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