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How to Make Your 2020 a Year That Makes a Difference

17th January 2020

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New Year’s resolutions may not be for everyone, but January is often a popular time to reflect and see where self-improvements can be made. Here are some examples of popular changes people decide to make in the New Year – some subtle, some big. If this inspires you, let us know!

A change of career

Many of us decide to evaluate our careers at some point, be it on a regular basis or periodically. Whether it’s searching for another job, putting a case together for that promotion, or even taking a completely different tact and changing career paths completely, the New Year is a popular time to begin to make those changes.

A new fitness goal

Pilling on the Christmas pounds is a common issue for many of us. With most taking time off from work and indulging in chocolate, alcohol, cheeses and other gluttonous treats, putting on a little festive weight can be a very easy thing to do, especially for those a little older. That’s why January sees a surge in new gym memberships being taken out. Whether it’s aiming for an ideal weight, setting a running distance target or putting down a marker for a competition, January is the perfect month to get your fitness back on track and heading towards a healthier mind and body.

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New year, new diet

Following on from new fitness goals, new diets are an increasing trend come the new year. Whether it’s Veganuary, trying to cut down on meat in general, or eliminating alcohol from your diet with the dreaded Dry January, using the month of January as a means to changing the way you eat can be a good time to alter attitudes and help with your overall health.

Home improvements

Another key reflection for a lot of people is the home. After spending more time than you usually would in your home over the festive period, people tend to assess whether improvements can be made. These decisions can be made with the view of moving home and making the property more saleable, or simply wanting to make those changes that have been in the back of the mind for some time. With the spring approaching, the garden is usually a target for improvement, but some make larger plans: from new kitchens to complete home refurbishments.

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