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Who Do You Need To Notify When Moving House?

6th October 2015

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Moving house is a double-edged sword. There’s the inevitable excitement that comes from moving into a bigger home with your growing family, downsizing in your later years, or perhaps buying a property with a significant other, but there’s also all that stress. It has been said many times over that moving home is one of the most stressful things that you can do!

In this maelstrom of home-moving, it can be all too easy to forget those finer details, like who you need to tell when you’re moving house. So, just who do you need to contact when moving house? Let’s take a look.


You can move house as many times as you like, but unfortunately your bills will travel with you. It’s essential that you contact your utility providers to let them know the date of your move so you can settle your bill for the gas, water and electricity that you have used to date. If your supply is metered, you should take a meter reading just before you leave the property and contact your supplier either online or over the phone to update your information. You may choose to stick with the same supplier in your new property, but this is also a great opportunity to find a better deal.


Your broadband provider, satellite television company, mobile phone provider and the TV Licensing Authority will also need to be notified when you move home. The on-going payments for your TV license can simply be transferred to your new address online, so no problems there. Your broadband and satellite TV packages will simply be a question of paying up and starting afresh with new providers, or arranging to continue on your current tariff at the new address.

Royal Mail

Remember to get your post re-directed to your new address. It sounds simple, but when there’s so much to do this can easily be forgotten. Download this form from the Post Office website a week or two before the move, as it can take up to 10 days to set up the change of address. There will be a small charge for re-directing your post.

Bank accounts and credit cards

Somewhere close to the top of your ‘who to contact when moving house’ list, should be your bank and credit card companies. Loyalty card and store card providers should also be notified, but that’s not such a priority. Tell the bank of your change of address and consider transferring your account to a branch closer to your new home. There should be a change of address section on your credit card statement that you can fill in, and be sure to notify any card protection insurers that you might have.

Local authorities

If you’d prefer not to pay council tax on a property you no longer live in, you must tell your current local authority – as well as the local authority you’ll be moving to – of your new address. HMRC will also be interested in your whereabouts, so contact your local tax office and quote your National Insurance and tax reference number to let them know and keep them up to date. If you have children in local schools, they will also need to be advised of the change of address. If you’re a driver, you should contact the DVLA and tell them, too – here’s everything you’ll need to know.

Insurance companies

All the insurers that you have will need to be advised of your change of address, as failure to do so could result in your policies being cancelled or made void. This includes your vehicle insurers, pet insurers, life insurers, etc. As well as notifying your buildings and contents insurer of a change of address, it is also well worth checking that your possessions are covered during the move in case of accidents. You should also check whether the change in address means that you’ll have to pay more (or maybe less) for adequate buildings cover on your new home.


There are also a few other people that should find their way onto your ‘who to notify’ list…

Your doctor and dentist should certainly be told, and you may need to make arrangements to find a new doctor or dentist if you’re moving away from the area.

You should also remember to contact any vehicle breakdown assistance provider that you have, particularly if home start is part of your cover.

And then there’s all of the places where you can buy products online, which are then posted to you: Amazon, eBay, Next, etc. This also applies to any post subscription services that you’re signed up, whether it be Graze, LOVEFiLM or anything else of that nature. They all need to be told that you’re moving, otherwise your house’s successor may end up receiving them, and then you may have to collect them from them (unless you’ve made use of Royal Mail’s redirection service, as mentioned above). Thankfully, with most (if not all) of them, it should be a case of quickly logging onto each website and updating your address within each respective account, which shouldn’t take too long – unless there’s lots of them, of course…!

Family and friends

Last but not least on the list is your friends and family. That said, in this day and age of text messaging and Facebook, you may only need to tell those who are likely to post anything to you – e.g. if people send you birthday and Christmas cards, etc.

Happy home moving!

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