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How to Keep Your Fridge Nice & Organised

28th June 2019

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Every home has a fridge freezer – in the modern world it’s an essential requirement. With allergies affecting a lot of people, keeping the risk of contamination down is a high priority.

Here are some tips to help organise your fridge freezer and make sure people don’t mix up their pickles from their peppers.

Use boxes

A great way of keeping certain foods away from people is to keep them in plastic containers. You can buy very affordable boxes that act as dividers for food to limit the risk of contamination. Even if your household doesn’t suffer with allergies, it’s a great way of keeping foods in categories. For example, it’s a handy trick to keep all sauces and condiments together as you can simply bring out the box when it comes to meal time; doing away with carrying a number of glass bottles over to the dining table.

Label shelves

This is a great hack for those living in shared accommodation as well as those fridges in workplaces and university halls. By labelling shelves, either with specific food items or people’s names, you can ensure your areas are organised and there is no confusion on who owns what or where things go.

Make sure you clean

Cleaning the fridge can be a bit of an afterthought. Not all bacteria in fridges are visible so the need to clean can be a little less obvious than on other appliances or areas in the home. If you think about it, the fridge holds most food that you consume so it’s vitally important the area is kept clean. Be sure to clean your boxes too, if you use them.

Here’s a handy guide on cleaning your fridge.

Don’t keep dairy in the door

It’s where most people keep their milk and eggs but the fridge door isn’t the best place for temperature-sensitive items such as dairy. The temperature can often fluctuate hugely in the fridge door due to the obvious nature of it opening and closing a lot. Assuming it isn’t a particularly warm day, eggs are perfectly fine to keep out of the fridge. Most supermarkets don’t keep them in the fridge, so it should be fine for you to follow suit. Of course, you must keep milk in the fridge but if you can – try and store it on a shelf as opposed to the door.

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