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Helpful Ideas for Log Storage (that Go Beyond your Shed or Garage)

14th December 2017

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Everyone who owns a log burner knows that it is a love affair that will stand the test of time.

The mesmeric glare that encapsulates you, especially on those winter nights, is enough to beat any blockbuster on TV or needless session flicking through social media.

Log burners not only entertain but they define a home.

They provide a welcome relief from the reliance on the central heating come the colder months, as well as give any room a rich smell that you can’t beat; regardless of your generation.

5 Log Storage Ideas & Tips:

Given how important the log burner is to most, it is important that you store your wood as efficiently as possible. Here are some tips and ideas for the basics of storing your wood:

1. Don’t make things hard for yourself

As firewood can be heavy, choose to store the wood in a location that is somewhere close to the house that is well-lit by an outdoor light. You certainly don’t want to be struggling to carry a freshly-dried load of wood from one end of the garden to the other unless it’s unavoidable, especially in the dark. If you don’t have the option of an outdoor light, try to install a battery-operated light with motion sensor. It helps enormously in those dark winter months when it’s difficult to see outside.

2. Make use of sheds and garages

Most homes have either a shed or a garage. These are perfect storage solutions if you don’t wish to keep firewood that isn’t ready for use inside. Ensure that firewood is accessible so that you’re not tripping over lawn mowers and bikes in a bid to keep your home nice and warm! If using a shed or garage is not an option, either look to buy a ready-made log store or shelf unit to be kept outside.

3. Keep it as dry as you can

If you don’t want to buy a purpose-built unit to store firewood, it isn’t difficult to make your own. As it is vital that firewood is kept as dry as possible, try to choose a surface that doesn’t hold moisture such as concrete or asphalt. These surfaces as perfect providing they are flat or on a slight incline; if it’s the latter, ensure the wood is kept as uphill as possible so that water drains away and doesn’t gather there. To be extra safe, ensure that the wood it is kept alleviated off the ground by a minimum of two inches, with 2×4 boards from most hardware shops a perfect solution. Place a layer of plastic sheets between the firewood and the boards as an extra barrier to moisture.

4. Cover up from the rain

If your DIY log store isn’t protected from the rain, you have a few options to help keep your firewood safe and dry. A tarpaulin is an obvious choice but whilst it may do a good job of keeping moisture out, it may lock moisture. If you are going to use a tarpaulin to cover logs, make sure that either the logs are ready to use and optimally dried or there is ample circulation on all four sides of the logs.

5. Circulation is key

Following on from the previous point of circulation, it is key that firewood is stacked properly. A jumble of firewood will not dry out efficiently and will cause drier wood to be affected by damp wood; leaving you a never-ending cycle. Ensure that all wood is stacked in a safe and orderly fashion that allows every piece of wood access to air. Also, if you’re storing wood outside and stacking near a wall, make sure it is at least three inches between the wall and the wood to reduce the risk of bacteria and damp affecting the wood and drying process.

Now that we have the basics covered, we’ll be visiting creative solutions to log storage in our next blog post. Be sure to visit our blog in January to get the best ideas for storing firewood! (Update – here’s the direct link: Cool Space-saving Ideas for Log Storage)

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Author: Brendan

Brendan is the owner of Easystore Self Storage in Cardiff.

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