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Cool Space-saving Ideas for Log Storage

15th February 2018

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With winter getting a second-wind this February, you’d be forgiven for working your log burner more than usual for this time of year.

Log burners have become a must for homeowners, with the installation of stoves going through a renaissance with renovators in recent years.

Despite the attraction of log burners and the captivating flames that warm up those winter nights, it is important to give thought to how efficiently you can store your logs. In an earlier post, we covered the essentials of storing logs – but in this post, we’ll go over a few innovative storage solutions we have found.


This a great idea for those home renovators looking to add a touch of individuality to their home. Building in a storage facility into the wall can be achieved relatively easily. By building shelving around the hearth you will have a ready-made storage unit for your logs to live before they go on the fire.

The benefits aren’t just aesthetic, either. Hardwood needs time to dry indoors, preferably at room temperature. This ideal solution affords you a great-looking feature that’s practical. However, there are some drawbacks. You have to ensure the wood you store indoors has been treated. If it hasn’t, you may need to ensure that the wood is allowed to breathe and not crammed into the space. This may cause the wood to dampen its surroundings and possibly pass on any bugs that may be living within the wood.

Storing untreated logs indoors is fine for a short while, but not for too long if it is in direct contact with materials that are susceptible to infection.

Find a fantastic example on DIY network here and on Rock My Style.


This is the obvious choice for those who store untreated logs for a large space of time. Also, this allows you to store larger quantities than normal.

Making the outdoor log store a feature in your garden can be an attractive selling point when it comes to moving on. However, you need to consider its location and shelter from the elements, as well as distance from your back door. The last thing you want to do is trek to the end of the garden in all weathers to retrieve logs that will get wet again on the journey.

A great option for outdoor log storage, if you want to create some sort of production line, is to utilise it to store your larger quantities of wood and bring it indoors in daily or weekly batches.

Here is a link to a great option for outdoor log storage that is simple and effective on Rightmove.


Another indoor option is to either build or purchase a free-standing storage facility that lives in your home.

It may not be possible to have built-in options, especially if the property is a new-build and the occupants are allergic to DIY and tradespeople.

There are some fantastic sites that offer free-standing options that add a touch of class to the home as well as a practical solution to log storage. The only downside is that it may not be the most efficient use of space, depending on the product. They do make great features, though.

Check out these free-standing options at Cox & Cox.

If you’re looking to storage some of your possessions to make room for a log burner then look no further than Easystore Self Storage. From our storage units in Cardiff, we offer secure, easily accessible storage solutions. Why not contact us today?

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