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3 Tips for Preparing Your Home for the Cold Snap (& Being Clever With Your Storage)

15th November 2023

A photo of a house in the distance, with wintery/icy tree branches in the foreground.
Preparing your home for winter is an important task, which – if done properly – can help you save money on energy bills and prevent damage to your home. Here are a few tips to help you prepare your home for the winter season – and how utilising storage solutions within your home can make room for the essentials:

1. Do a check of storage cupboards

Whether it’s your boiler, under the stairs, or downstairs loo, check whether what you have in those cupboards can be used elsewhere. For example, cushions, towels, or blankets could be used in other parts of the house to help with draughts or keeping you warm. Any exposed pipe that runs along a wall or is in an unheated area (a basement, garage, or under the stairs, for example) is a potential hazard. Insulating your pipes can help prevent them from freezing and bursting. See if any of the aforementioned items can help avoid this.

2. Assess wood storage

If you have a log burner in the home, or even a dual-fuel or coal burner, spend time on moving dry wood inside your property ahead of the winter season and restock your outdoor storage. Spend time collecting wood from your garden if possible, or at least restocking your supplies from your usual source ahead of the following winter, so that it has an appropriate time to dry out.

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3. Reconfigure your tool storage

Whether you keep your tools in the attic, garage, or garden shed, take a look at what you’re likely to need throughout the winter and make sure these are accessible. For example, at some point you’re likely to check your gutters and clean them out. Clogged gutters can cause water to back up and freeze, leading to ice dams that can damage your property. Ensure your ladder and other tools are easily reachable to save you time this winter.

More tips and ideas for tool storage in particular: Tool Storage Solutions & Ideas

These are just some of the things you can do to prepare your home for winter and ensure your storage throughout the home makes it that little bit easier.

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If you’re running out of room in your home and need somewhere to store your things elsewhere, then there’s always the option of self storage. Easystore operates a storage facility in Cardiff (just off Newport Road), South Wales, UK. We offer residential storage, tools storage, and much more. Get in touch today.

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Author: Brendan

Brendan is the owner of Easystore Self Storage in Cardiff.

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