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Tool Storage Solutions & Ideas

11th November 2016

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Whether you’re a tradesman or a keen DIY-er, you’ll likely own some expensive tools. From the basic hammer and nails to complex power tools, you don’t want your items to get damaged. Tools can often be expensive to repair or replace, but through correct storage, care and maintenance, you should be able to increase their lifespan and prevent potential accidents. So whether you’re using your tools professionally or domestically, here’s a handy guide to storage solutions to ensure that they are stored safely.


It’s no secret that tools can be dangerous, so it’s important that they are stored safely. Make sure that everyone in your house knows where your tools are kept and do not leave children unattended in this area. Where possible, it is best that all tools are kept in a locked shed or cupboard. Ensure that children and animals are kept away from your chosen place of storage.


Before you begin to store your tools, it’s important to make sure that they are clean. Keeping your tools clean will not only help to keep your storage space tidy, but it can also lengthen their lifespan. Although some equipment may have specific cleaning requirements, others may be generally fairly easy to maintain. Find a safe open space with access to water, towels, rags and scrubbers – and if you plan on using cleaning chemicals then heavy duty gloves are imperative. Wipe any mud or marks off and ensure that you thoroughly dry everything. If you are cleaning power tools then make sure that they are disconnected from cords and avoid exposing them to excessive amounts of liquid. Where possible, clean all tools immediately after use, which will save you from having to do a big clean when it comes to putting them away.


Once you have prepared your tools to be put away, it is important that they are well organised. Knowing exactly what is where will save you time when you need a hammer in a hurry.

Organise your tools by function – for example, ensure all screwdrivers are kept together and keep all power tools in their original box, although if this isn’t possible then make your own with clear labels. Old jars are a great way to keep screws and nails together. Try and keep them clearly separated – by labeling jars clearly you’ll be able to quickly see your Phillips heads from your hex heads.

Where to store

If you’re fortunate enough to have a shed or a garage on your property then these are the perfect places to store your tools, however they often become full of other things such as camping gear or sports equipment. When storing tools in sheds or garages, install shelves to keep them directly off the ground, or you run the risk of your equipment rusting. If you are unable to fully dedicate your outside storage space to your tools then there are solutions that can allow the space to be multi-purpose.

Utilise space

Space is often at a premium so it is important to utilise what you have available. Hang a pegboard on a shed or a garage wall – they are easy to install and allow you to hang anything from small scissors to heavy hammers from them. Pegboards are very versatile, so by hanging strong string, you can store lots of different items, giving you easy access at all times. If you don’t have a pegboard, magnetic strips will also work, but be sure to securely hang them in a safe place. Magnetic tools will safely be stored in plain sight. A magnetic system will also allow you to easily store screws and nails, starting a simple theme for your workroom. Alternatively, plastic drawers are a great way to keep everything together: you can dedicate different drawers to hand tools, power tools and screws and nails. In fact, plastic drawers are brilliant for utilising space as – unlike pegboards or magnetic strips – they can be incorporated into the design and style of your house.

If you are having trouble safely storing your tools at home then why not store them with us? At Easystore Self Storage, our storage units are perfect for domestic or commercial tool storage, with 24 hour security and full contents insurance for full piece of mind. Get a quote for self storage in Cardiff today.

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Brendan is the owner of Easystore Self Storage in Cardiff.

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