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5 Tips for Creating a Productive & Inspiring Home Office

30th August 2019

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The end-goal for the perfect home office is to have a space that breeds productivity whilst feeling separate from the rest of the house.

And in order for the space to breed productivity, creativity and inspiration, it needs to be tidy. Here are some tips on how to keep your home office safe from the dreaded clutter…

1. Be ruthless

When planning for a home office, ensure that you only store what you absolutely need to. Be ruthless with what you need to have – if there’s anything that makes you hesitate then that probably means you can do without it. Home office space is not in abundance for most, so choose what files and documents you really need. If you can scan in these files and hold them digitally, then why not spend time securing said documents which will save you huge amounts of space? If you do really need to keep hard copies for business and insurance purposes, take a look at remote document storage solutions.

2. Maximise space

Don’t opt for bulky furniture that makes the room feel small. Think about what you need to store as well as the ergonomics of the room. If you utilise a shelving unit, ensure that you can reach it and access it with ease. Likewise, make sure it can be easily cleaned – dusty home offices aren’t exactly going to breed inspiration.

3. Bespoke is best

Take a bespoke approach to your home office. Don’t be afraid to opt for different decor that doesn’t necessarily follow the same pattern as the rest of the house. Remember that it is a working space first and foremost. If a nice feature wall will help get your creative juices flowing, then don’t be afraid to do it – make the space work for you and hopefully you’ll work well in it.

4. Choose a fold-away desk that can be hidden

If you want to keep your workstation hidden, or your homeworking station has to sit within a communal room such as the lounge, there are lots of options when it comes to fold-away desks. Cabinets that have bi-fold doors can be opened during the working day, with the doors providing space to store and hold items. During the evening, these doors can be closed with all the rumblings of a busy workstation hidden from prying eyes and critics of clutter.

5. Stay on top of the clutter

There is nothing more satisfying than enjoying a newly decluttered space. Likewise, it is incredibly easy to slip back into old ways and to inadvertently let the clutter start to creep back in. So make sure that your new workspace stays clutter-free. Dedicate an hour each month to going through and decluttering your desk and home office. Friday afternoon at the end of the month is a great time to do it. You can even enjoy a small drink whilst doing it (go on, you’ve earned it). ?

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