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Easystore Self Storage Backs the Battle Against Plastic and Needless Waste

30th July 2018

Ripple Kickstarter video screenshot
Easystore Self Storage has pledged its support behind #therippleeffect campaign, a Kickstarter campaign aimed at raising funds to create Cardiff’s first not-for-profit zero waste store.

The Kickstarter, which was started by Cardiffian Sophie Rae, successfully reached its £30,000 target on Saturday 28th July and Easystore was one of the founding members who helped the movement surpass its initial target.

Speaking of #therippleeffect and Easystore’s commitment to the cause, Managing Director Brendan Connies-Laing said: “As soon as we were aware of what Sophie was trying to achieve, we knew this was something we had to support.

“Like Sophie and many others, we were deeply shocked at the impact that decades of careless plastic consumption have had on our planet from watching Blue Planet last year. It is clear that we cannot continue to act so recklessly and harm the environment in the way the human race is currently doing.

“As people and as a business we are working towards cutting out single-use plastics and unnecessary waste from our lives and this very much fits into our self storage offering. We allow people to think intelligently about the space in their homes and offices in order to lead a healthier and less-cluttered life. By being more responsible with our waste we can all have a positive impact on the environment and lead better lives as a result.”

Speaking on the Kickstarter page regarding the plans for the store, Sophie said: “Once we’ve found our perfect location we’ll be turning it into a store to be proud of, with easy-to-use self-serve gravity containers and high-spec scales to make your shopping experience easy and quick. The rest will go towards our first big stock order, which we’ll be sourcing from a local ethical co-operative in bulk paper sacks to reduce our plastic waste.”

“We can all learn to depend less on single-use plastics and we very much look forward to seeing #therippleeffect come to life and becoming regular customers to the store in the near future.”

For more information on the Kickstarter campaign, please visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/215432144/ripple-cardiffs-first-not-for-profit-zero-waste-st

For more information regarding Easystore please contact info@easystore.co.uk and follow @easystore_uk on Twitter.

[Image credit – Ripple (screenshot taken from their Kickstarter campaign video)]

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Brendan Connies-Laing headshot

Author: Brendan

Brendan is the owner of Easystore Self Storage in Cardiff.

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