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5 Less Obvious Items You Can Buy at a Zero-Waste Shop

28th September 2020

Coffee beans spilling out of a jar
The rise of zero-waste shops is not surprising given how the general public is far more aware of their footprint and actions as a consumer.

Still, many people do not use zero-waste shops and are still unsure of what they can purchase from them. Listed below are a number of items that can be purchased at zero-waste shops that are less obvious than others…

1. Coffee beans

A regular item to be sold in plastic packaging, coffee beans can be easily dispensed at zero-waste shops with customers bringing their own multi-use containers. Given how quickly some go through coffee beans, a large quantity of single-use packaging can be avoided. Use tight-fitting containers to keep the coffee beans fresh.

2. Herbs & spices

Similar to coffee beans, herbs and spices can be dispensed efficiently at zero-waste shops. By bringing containers with them, customers can pay according to the weight of the item. Most households will have a spice rack with labelled containers; take these with you to minimise the need for any further containers. This will vastly reduce the cost of your herbs and spices whilst negating the need for additional containers.

3. Sandwich bags

Single-use plastic is the biggest blight on the planet in terms of tackling climate change and reducing the impact of the human race. Plastic sandwich bags are a menace when it comes to a zero-waste lifestyle. They are not recyclable and are single-use in their nature. Purchase fabric sandwich bags which can be washed and used countless times over. This is a great option for young children too – especially with the various fun designs.

4. Dog waste bags

Whilst dog poo bags are biodegradable, explore whether your current choice is compostable. The latter allows you to dispose of them in garden waste, and breaks down in the atmosphere much quicker than the former. Ensure your pooch is a sustainable hound by opting for compostable bags where possible.

5. Cutlery

Using plastic cutlery from takeaway outlets is not best practice. Purchase wooden alternatives, which will allow you to clean and reuse. If you operate a food outlet, please consider offering wooden alternatives to your customers. Customers can take the cutlery away with them and bring them back on their next visit.

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