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3 Benefits of Having a Playroom & How to Make It a Success

25th April 2023

Toys in a playroom
Growing families, busy homes… the two go hand-in-hand.

With families getting bigger, and the needs of them changing through time, homes have to adapt. The one constant that families encounter is the constant need for space.

As we’ve covered in a previous blog post about toy storage, toys that belong to young children can easily dominate the home – so we have storage ideas to help you.

However, having a dedicated playroom (also known as a toy room) – or converting an existing room to be a playroom – can help to contain the issue. Below are the benefits of a playroom, as well as some ideas on how best to manage them when it comes to your storage needs.

1. Containing the chaos

One obvious benefit of having a designated playroom is that – in theory – this should contain all the toys of the house into one room. Of course, this requires the small people to do the exact opposite of what they tend to do, and that is to make as much mess in each square inch of the home. Keeping items contained in the designated room takes patience, tenacity and consistency. If you are able to keep to the required rules, then this will allow you to save your living room, bedrooms and other corners of the house from the invasion of the endless reams of toys.

2. Teaching valuable lessons

One benefit of having a playroom is that you can teach young children the importance of having pride in your home. By having their own dedicated room for playing, they can learn the importance of taking care of their things. Having friends over is more of a novelty too, when you have a playroom. By getting to show off their playroom, they can be trusted to play independently in a safe environment away from potential hazards around the home, such as the kitchen, garage and unsafe outdoor settings.

3. Storage rules go out of the window

Not literally, but regular storage tips for rooms can be disregarded when it comes to playrooms. With other rooms, you’re required to plan the storage around the function of the room, such as the appliances, bed and living function. With playrooms, there is no need for any consideration other than a space to play in the centre of the room. That means the perimeter can be storage central, with structures piled high, as long as it’s safe.

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Author: Brendan

Brendan is the owner of Easystore Self Storage in Cardiff.

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