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5 Common Things People Do Across the Festive Period

27th December 2019

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As fantastic as the festive season is, it can be a time of reflection for many people. Some of the biggest life-changing decisions are made across the two weeks of Christmas and New Year celebrations. Here are a few things you may not know that many people get up to across the festive season.

1. Moving home

For Rightmove, one of the busiest days of the year when it comes to its website traffic is Boxing Day. Many people often assess the size and/or location of their homes on Boxing Day and see if it’s time for a change. Whether it be the number of presents taking over space, families travelling far to see one another or people wanting to be in a more favourable area, people use Rightmove to see what’s out there on the market. So if you’re looking to sell or rent out your property, getting it up online in time for Boxing Day may not be a bad idea.

2. Booking a holiday

A popular time for holiday bookings is across the festive period. Maybe a taste of time off over Christmas gives people to appetite to make a booking for the following year. If it is that extra glass of wine, maybe it allows us to throw caution to the wind and book that spot in the sun or the adventure of a lifetime.

3. Change diets

Whether it involves dropping alcohol for Dry January, or ditching meat and going vegetarian, the gluttony of Christmas often encourages us to make some changes for the new year. It may be short-term or something that sticks, but some big dietary changes are made across the festive season as people grow tired of piling on the pounds and are tempted to make a change.

4. Get engaged

A very common time for putting a ring on it, the festive period is one of romance for many. Getting down on one knee is a common occurrence, especially on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. Having that extra special present is – hopefully – a once in a lifetime moment that is made more special by the magic of Christmas.

5. Set up a business

Talking of time for a change, there are few decisions that can change your professional life that trump the plunge taken when setting up a business. As mentioned previously, the festive period is a time of reflection for many and this includes our work life. Setting up a business and scratching that itch that may have been there for some time is a common theme across Christmas. Similarly, it can be a popular time to look for a new job and change positions. Regardless, the Christmas and New Year period allows you to take time to make the necessary arrangements and attack the new year with vigour and renewed appetite.

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