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Location Revealed for Cardiff’s First Zero-waste Store

31st October 2018

ripple Cardiff event photo
The location has been unveiled for Cardiff’s first zero-waste store, ripple.

Albany Road in the Roath area of the city will play host to the store that looks to tackle the single-use plastic problem facing the global environment.

The store is the brainchild of Cardiffian Sophie Rae, who launched a Kickstarter to fund the project which was backed by Easystore Self Storage.

Easystore Self Storage pledged its support behind #therippleeffect campaign, with the Kickstarter successfully reaching its £30,000 target in July.

Speaking of #therippleeffect and Easystore’s commitment to the cause, Managing Director Brendan Connies-Laing said: “We are delighted that the location has been unveiled for Cardiff’s first zero-waste store. As soon as we were aware of what Sophie was trying to achieve we were fully behind the project.

“We have been acutely aware of the devastating effect plastic waste is having on our planet and as a responsible business, as well as responsible human beings, we know something drastic needs to be done about it very, very quickly.

“Roath is a progressive and vibrant pocket of the city and we are sure it will serve ripple well as its new home. We look forward to being regular customers to ripple and seeing Sophie spearhead #therippleeffect across Cardiff and beyond.”

Speaking on the unveiling of the store’s location, Sophie said: “I’m thrilled to finally reveal that ripple’s new home will be located on Albany Road in the thriving community of Roath. It’s the perfect fit for our first store and the feedback has been very supportive. I spent a long time thinking about the ideal location, and feel confident that our premise will form a sustainable foundation for ripple to grow its impact and help more consumers shop more consciously.

“Thanks to the incredible 1,413 backers who supported our Kickstarter campaign, I’ve been able to place our store in the heart of a community that I hope will help the store to thrive. I am humbled by the continued faith in my vision for a fairer, greener city and am full of gratitude to everyone who pledged money or donated their time and skills to help it succeed. I look forward to welcoming them all into the shop when we open.”

For more information on ripple, please visit its website (coming soon) and follow @ripple_living on Twitter.

For more information regarding Easystore please contact Cardiff or Bridgend on and follow @easystore_uk on Twitter.

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Author: Brendan

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