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Ecobricks – Explaining the What, How & Why

28th February 2020

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Recycling and reducing single-use plastic is big news at the moment and rightly so. We are in the middle of a climate emergency and we need to do all we can to radically reduce carbon emissions as well as eliminate single-use plastic from our planet. This means changing how we do things and how we live our lives, almost immediately.

Plastic bottles are one of the biggest contributors to the single-use plastic issue and it is one that is solvable if manufacturers make an effort to do so and consumers change their buying habits; which in-turn ensures drinks corporations sit up and take note.

So, what has this got to do with Ecobricks?

What is an Ecobrick?

An Ecobrick (sometimes written as Eco-brick) is a large plastic bottle which has been stuffed with smaller non-recyclable plastic which is clean and dry. The bottle is stuffed until it can no longer take any more plastic and is strong enough to withstand weight, much like a brick. The plastic has to be packed in tightly with no spare space to ensure it’s able to bear weight and add strength to a structure.

How do I use it?

Once you have completed filling an Ecobrock, fill more until you have enough to use to add to a structure. The plastic inside of the Ecobrick will not break down and they can be used to construct children’s play items as well as garden furniture. Of course, the Ecobricks need to be used as part of a structure (such as with sand or concrete) and are pure substitutes for bricks.

Why is it beneficial?

Not only is this a great way to build items cheaply, but it also ensures lots of non-recyclable plastic does not end up in landfill or the ocean. It ensures the plastic is locally contained and does not affect the environment. It should take some time to properly fill an Ecobrick so lots of plastic that would otherwise be adding to the pandemic on our planet would be diverted into something that is sustainable.

How do I ensure my Ecobrick works well?

Make sure you use a 1-1.5 litre bottle and use clean and dry plastic to fill it. Ensure all the plastic is compressed into the bottle (use a stick) and don’t be afraid to cut up plastic to make it fit as opposed to forcing it in the Ecobrick. Before using the Ecobrick, ensure it is completely full and the structure of the bottle is not compromised in any way.

What if I won’t use Ecobricks?

You can still make them and donate them to your nearest Ecobrick collection centre or group on Facebook, but please do considers the many projects you can undertake at home to use them. Passing on plastic waste can extenuate the problem of single-use plastic waste.

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