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The Definitive Checklist for Getting Your House Ready to Sell

4th April 2016

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So for one reason or another you’ve decided that you need to move house. Maybe you need a bigger place, or perhaps you are looking to downsize in order to save money… Whatever the case, the decision has been made, and now comes the arduous task of selling your current home.

Fear not, sellers of homes… for we have put together a definitive checklist, to ensure that not only are you ready to sell your home, but that it is ready to be sold.

Your current home

  • Take meter readings on both houses – Be sure to take meter readings of the home that you are selling as well as the home that you’re about to move into. That way, if any unwarranted bills come your way, you have proof that any changes are not through your use.
  • Declutter (but don’t leave it bleak) – Clearing out clutter from your home is essential. The ‘lived-in’ look is not as endearing as you might think. That’s not to say that the house should be bare, but a cleaner and less cluttered look will give the right impression and leave buyers with that important sense of ‘I could live here.’ If it helps then be sure to check out our room-by-room decluttering guide.
  • Swap out bulky furniture that makes the room feel small – Whilst that 300lb deluxe fridge-freezer arm chair may be the pride and joy of your home, it might have the opposite effect when attracting potential buyers. Replace the bulky items that cut room space with smaller ones that allow the room to look larger and more inviting. A potential compromise would be to store your cherished bulkier items in a self storage facility until you are ready to move.
  • Freshly paint in neutral colours – The universal truth of selling a home is neutral colours. An easy-going shade can help to act as a blank canvass whilst still giving the house a welcoming vibe.
  • Make necessary minor repairs – Potential buyers will have enough on their minds without the added hassle of having to make minor repairs to a property. Cracked tiles, broken doorknobs, faulty light switches… all these little annoyances can have a real effect on the overall perception of a house.
  • Tidy the garden – A garden that offers peace, tranquillity and Zen does not feature overgrown weeds and bushes and a rusted old lawn mower. You don’t have to be an Alan Titchmarsh to tidy the garden to show the potential of an outdoor space.
  • Get rid of any bulky, unnecessary appliances – As with bulky furniture, unnecessary appliances that take up space can be stored away in cupboards or kept safe in a self storage facility until you are ready to move.
  • Make sure that your home smells clean and inviting – Often overlooked is the aspect of smell. Of course everyone should keep their home clean and tidy, but when it comes to selling a house, inviting smells can make a world of difference. Brew some coffee, keep fresh fruit in a bowl in the living room… it may sound overzealous, but these little touches can make a real impact at a subconscious level on potential buyers.
  • Leave information for new owners, e.g. switches, alarm codes, sockets – Not only will this chalk you up a generous bit of karma, but it’ll also help you to build a personable relationship with the new owners, so should you need to rely on them to forward a piece of post, there’s more chance of a positive outcome.

Your new home

  • Day out & day in – If you can move out and in on different days then this will give you the time to ensure everything is in order and you have all you need.
  • Get work done on a new home before moving in – Before moving into a new home, you might want to think about getting any and all work done to your new house whilst it is empty. This will save on the agro of having to ‘mess-proof’ your new home from paint, plaster or dust.
  • Avoid heavy traffic days for moving – Moving is stressful enough without having to deal with miles of traffic. Try to stick to quieter, mid-week days. Many employers offer a ‘moving day’ for this very reason.
  • Take meter readings on both houses – As touched upon above, be sure to take meter readings of the home that you are selling as well as the home that you move into.
  • Set your post to be redirected to your new address – As well as protection against identity theft, this will just help smooth the move along.
  • Order furniture well in advance of the move so that it can be built in time for the big day – Some companies will store the furniture for free as long as you give them prior warning. For the others, you can add them to your growing list of self-stored prized possessions.

We hope that the above checklist has been useful and that you’re feeling confident about getting your home ready to sell. If you live in South Wales and need to store some of your household items ahead of selling your house then be sure to consider Easystore Self Storage. With storage facilities in Cardiff and Bridgend, we are fully secure, open 24/7 and get great feedback from our customers – be sure to get a quick quote today!

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