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4 Storage Ideas For Your Spare Room

30th January 2024

Spare guest bedroom, showing a bed, a bedside table, and a lamp that's switched on
Every room is different. Your spare room may be used for exactly that – literally as a spare, additional room – but it’s likely it may be something else for the majority of the time when you don’t have guests staying with you.

Here are four clever storage ideas for your spare room that you can try today:

1. Plan how the room will be used

Whether it’s used as a WFH (work from home) office, a workout room, or even somewhere to hide the birthday and Christmas presents, you’re going to want to consider the storage options available to you.

Write out how the room will be used and what type of things are likely to be stored in there. This will focus your thinking and help you to plan for storage solutions when you know the kinds of things that will live in your new spare room.

2. Use the verticals

Before filling the floor space, consider using the walls, and take the time to assess where these are placed. Make sure you consider the radiators, windows, and any fireplaces – as choosing to place shelving in or near these locations could lead to some problems.

These type of storage solutions can be wall shelves or cabinets, and can be used to store books, magazines, files, or other items that you don’t use frequently.

Use baskets, bins, or boxes to store clothes, shoes, accessories, or seasonal items that you don’t need all year round. The back of the door can be used for hooks, racks, or rods to hang coats, hats, scarves, bags, or towels – just make sure there is nothing getting in the way when the door is opened fully.

3. Be ruthless with space

Overcrowding a room is a recipe for clutter. Assess the amount of room you have to work with once you’ve added the larger items in a room. You should always aim to have as much functional floor space as possible. If that means you have to make a choice between a specific type of bed or unit, choosing the smaller option can pay dividends by ensuring your room doesn’t become too cluttered to be used.

4. Multifunctional items are your friend

Use a sofa bed, a futon, or a Murphy bed (a.k.a. a wall bed or pull-down bed) that can double as a couch or a desk when not in use. Storage ottomans, benches or trunks can serve as a seat, a table, or as storage.

Consider using closet organisers, dressers or a chest of drawers to store and organise your items and think about where they will be placed. Try and target items that can have multifunctional uses.

For example, you could use a desk, a table, or a cart to create a workstation, a craft area, or a bar.

As you can see, there are many ways to turn your spare room into a storage paradise that will make your home more functional and beautiful. Whether you need more space for your clothes, your hobbies, your guests, or your work, you can find a storage solution that suits your needs and budget.

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Author: Brendan

Brendan is the owner of Easystore Self Storage in Cardiff.

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