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Self Storage or an Extension? Really?!

15th June 2022

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Using self storage as opposed to having an extension may sound like a dramatic statement, but bear with us.

Whilst many people who have extensions aren’t doing it primarily to avoid self storage, the reasons for having more room in your home is typically so that you can have more storage options.

With that in mind, we’ve covered the main reasons why you would opt for self storage over an extension of your home below.

Save yourself the stress

Ask anyone who has ever had major work on their home – it’s a right stress. From the mess and the costs, to the pure overwhelming nature of having your home torn apart and put together by a merry band of tradespeople who often have little concept of keeping anything tidy. Save yourself all the stress and drama, and extend your home in the form of a storage unit instead. It’s so much calmer, and you don’t have to worry about any mess.

Save yourself a few quid

Of course, by maximising the outrageously reasonable rates of self storage at Easystore, you’ll be making a considerable saving compared to an extension. Most property extensions will cost you in the tens of thousands, compared to substantially lower costs in monthly storage fees.

You can’t get it wrong

When commissioning an extension, you’re putting your trust in many different parties – including tradespeople. Things can go wrong, you can overspend, and you can end up with something you don’t like, which has cost a lot of money. When taking out self storage, you’re putting your trust in us, our security, and your ability to remember an access code. A no-brainer.

Having a messy room isn’t your problem

Everyone has a messy drawer – perhaps a messy cupboard, but sometimes it’s a messy room. A dumping ground. Steptoe’s Yard. It’s always a source of frustration, embarrassment, and pure hatred when you have to enter. You love to close the door and forget about it – and this is where self storage comes in. Let it be your messy room, but the best thing is that it isn’t in your house. It’s in ours.

If you’re based in South Wales and looking for storage facilities, then consider Easystore Self Storage. With storage units in Cardiff and Bridgend, we offer a variety of domestic storage solutions – especially for those who have lots they want to keep hold of. Why not contact us today or use our online quote form?

Author: Brendan

Brendan is the owner of Easystore Self Storage.

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