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The Flexibility of Self Storage

22nd February 2022

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Self storage is often viewed as a problem-solver. From a go-between when you’re moving home, to the extension of an office, self storage can often soothe the pain of not having enough space.

Whilst the above rings true, below we have covered four ways the flexibility of self storage makes it a perfect solution. Of course, these all apply to Easystore (so we can’t speak for the other providers out there).

Contract lengths to suit

Having the flexibility to choose the length of time you require the storage is a big plus. Not being tied into lengthy contracts gives peace of mind and it allows you to budget properly without paying over the odds for space you do not need.

It works the other way, too. If you suddenly need the space for longer, it’s a simple case of letting us know and we can help you.

You can increase or decrease the size you need

If you suddenly need to change the size of your storage unit then it isn’t a problem – even if you need to downsize. We recognise the fluid nature of self storage, so being able to change the space you need is important when utilising our services. Having that flexibility is important when viewing self storage as an extension of your home or place of work.

You can access 24/7

Being able to access your items at any time of day or night is very, very important. Just as if you were storing items in your loft or garage, being able to turn up, let yourself in and access your goods securely is key for every customer – whether they are storing personal items or commercial goods.

It isn’t just storage

Lots of our customers use self storage for their own possessions and whilst this remains a popular reason, we have seen an increase in small and medium-sized businesses using us as either an extension of their premises or their sole facility.

Lots of smaller businesses – particularly those that sell goods online via sites like Etsy and eBay – use our storage solutions as it’s more convenient than using their home. They can use our storage as a means of fulfilling orders and we can receive their deliveries, too, where appropriate.

Need self storage? With facilities in Cardiff and Bridgend, Easystore Self Storage provides storage units for all sorts of reason. Get in touch with us today or use our online quote form.

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Author: Brendan

Brendan is the owner of Easystore Self Storage.

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