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Moving Home with a Dog: Our Guide

16th June 2016

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Moving house is a stressful business, but moving house with dogs can be especially tricky – both for owners and for them. From stressed-out pooches to logistical problems, there is a lot to take into account when you’re moving home with a dog in tow. This guide – which follows on from our ‘moving with cats’ guide – will help you make the process smoother, making your life easier and keeping your furry friend healthy and happy.

Preparations for moving house with a dog

You will have a million and one things to do in the lead up to moving day, but making sure your dog is ready to move home will save you a lot of stress and worry later. For starters, make sure that your dog’s collar and microchip information are all up-to-date with your new phone number and address. Take a clear photograph of your dog too. If they get lost, this could be a lifeline. Make sure you register with a vet near your new home before you move, to ensure that help is on-hand should you need it.

In the days prior to the move, try to keep your dog’s routine as normal as possible to help minimise stress. There will be a lot of people and movement around during the move, so keeping animals calm and out of the way is important. If your dog suffers from travel sickness, do not feed it for 12 hours before the move, making sure that they have the medicine and equipment they need to travel comfortably.

Moving day with your dog

Again, keeping your dog out of the way of the to-ing and fro-ing will help keep them calm and prevent your moving team from tripping over your pet. You may want to consider checking your dog in at a kennel for a few days while you move, in order to minimise the stress. However if you do choose to move house with your dog at your side, make sure that the vehicle you travel in is well ventilated and that you stop regularly for breaks, especially if you are making a long journey.

Acclimatising a dog to a new home

A new toy is a great way to welcome your dog to its new home, providing distraction and positive reinforcement at the same time. While you’re still moving your boxes and furniture in, keep your dog in one room out of the way with its favourite creature comforts. Ensure your pet stays put until all of the hectic moving work is complete and your new environment is calmer.

Before you let your dog outside off its lead at home, thoroughly check your outdoor space for possible ‘escape routes,’ like gaps in fences. Make sure you closely monitor your dog for its first few explorations of its new outdoor space.

It may be a good idea to rent or buy a GPS tracking collar for your dog’s first few weeks in their new home, until they get to know their new neighbourhood. Setting a ‘geofence’ limit around your house and garden will alert you, should your four-legged friend go walkabout.

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