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Renovations: A Few Things You Can Do Yourself

10th November 2021

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When it comes to renovations, it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Purchasing your dream home often means you’re not exactly swimming in cash, anyway. Also, even if you have managed to set aside some capital to fund renovations, you want to maximise the investment by ensuring it’s kept aside for skilled work and things you absolutely cannot tackle without the aid of a professional.

So, if you’re thinking of renovating, here are a few things you can tackle yourself with a little consideration that will save you some cash…

Wallpaper stripping

A rite de passage of renovating and redecorating, stripping wallpaper is exceptionally easy and a very important first step when it comes to doing up any property. Whilst wallpaper isn’t used in the same vein as much as it was a few decades ago, with feature walls often bearing the only wallpaper in most rooms, it is important to get the old material off from the walls. This is important – not just for redecorating, but for assessing the quality of the walls and weather any cracks need addressing, as well as if walls need reskimming and plastering.

Clearing and demolition

This may seem like an obvious one, but being your own labourer can save you a lot of cash. From knocking non-load bearing walls down to ripping out the carcass of a kitchen, the processes of filling skips with materials to moving items from room to room in order for tradespeople to have room to work is a good tactic if you’re keen on saving your cash for the more vital stuff. If you’re ever working around electrical wiring or plumbing, ensure that the power is at least isolated – or better yet, turned off completely. Adopt the same approach when it comes to plumbing, too – by ensuring the pipes are isolated or that the water supply is turned off via the stopcock.


Whilst this is much more skilled than throwing old cupboards into skips, tiling is a relatively straightforward task. Ensure that you have the right tools at your disposal and use YouTube as your friend, but something like tiling for a sink splashback is a great place to start. Once you have mastered the skill, move on to the shower and bathroom. Maybe leave kitchen splashbacks until you’re really confident. You certainly wouldn’t want to spend good money on a new kitchen and then blot your investment with a poorly tiled splashback.

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