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5 Cool Things You Can Make From Leftover Wood

19th August 2019

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If you have leftover wood, be it timber or offcuts of flooring, there are plenty of handy contraptions you can make to spice up the inside and outside of the home.

Here are five cool ideas that even the most reluctant of DIYers can make from bits of wood laying around the home. As ever, take care using all tools and do not attempt to make something if you’re not 100% confident in doing so. All suggestions below do not require power tools aside from the standard drill (screwdrivers are fine – they just may take a little longer).

1. Garden bar

This is a fantastic use of leftover wood! What better way to enjoy the summer than have your very own bar in your back garden. There are various styles to go for but even a couple of 4x4s with wood struts will allow you to put together a bar than can hold a number of drinks. Using offcuts of flooring as well as decking is a good choice here, with the latter making a great counter surface. If you want to take that extra step, you can build behind the bar storage facilities to store cans and bottles. This is a great option if you’re hosting summer BBQs.

2. Log storage

A popular option for the winter and if you have a log burner. Building a log store is a fantastic way of utilising excess wood but also giving your logs a place to dry out. It can take months for some wood to dry properly so getting this in time for winter is key. Ensure there is room for the logs to breathe as well as dry – getting air to the logs will help the drying process. Obviously, sheltering from the wet is key, so cover the roof of the store with felt if you feel the need to. You can do this easily by using a staple-gun or by nailing the felt to the roof. Old pallets are great for log stores, by simply attaching three of them together in a U-shape you have the body almost made.

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3. Shelves

This may seem an obvious choice, but using offcuts to make indoor shelves can add that rustic look to your home or even your garden shed. A great option is using old wooden wine boxes. You can use these in their entirety by attaching them to the wall via the bottom of the cases. You can attach the lids to the wall for decoration, too.

4. Garden toolbox

This is a good use of offcuts – especially if they’re a little dirty – is to make a garden toolbox to keep all handy equipment in from your sheers to your secateurs. This can be used for bird food and anything else that you’d prefer not to keep in the house. Also, anything that can be stored in the shed is perfect for your garden toolbox, with DIY equipment, paintbrushes and even golf paraphernalia being a great fit.

5. Flip-flop drop

Another simple use of excess wood is not just a great idea for the garden and home but for parties. Putting together a flip-flop drop to store the favourite summer footwear is a great storage container to take to parties, to the beach or even to weddings. Flip-flops are a very popular choice of footwear for those having parties on the beach or at the seaside. You can either use it as a base for those not wanting to get sand on their footwear or even use it as a means of handing out flip-flops to guests. The latter is perfect for weddings and this option gives you the chance to put together and paint a personalised flip-flop drop for the guests to help them enjoy the big day!

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