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4 Simple Tips for Home Improvements

22nd April 2021

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If you’re growing tired of your home and feel some improvements are overdue, it may not require lots of money or a call to local tradespeople.

DIY is a much-trailed path, but it doesn’t always require a visionary to spot opportunities to make improvements whilst building in value.

Here are four ideas for people to look at and assess whether they could make these improvements at minimal cost and effort.

1. Timber cladding

If you’re looking to spruce up your garden this summer but not sure where to start, then you’re not alone. For starters, take a look at any garden walls that may need a little TLC. From brick walls to breeze-blocks, the simple addition of timber cladding can make a huge difference to the aesthetics of your garden. By painting the walls a colour of your choosing, you can then overlay strips of timber to the wall in a horizontal fashion to make a great effect that lifts the area at minimal cost. You can use plain timber or even unused decking boards.

2. Paving slabs

Another low-cost improvement for your garden area is laying paving slabs. If you have a tired-looking concrete path that is cracked or just in need of a facelift, replacing it with paving slabs is a good option. For the most part, the path may well already be there and assuming the existing path can be brought up easily, it should be relatively straightforward to replace it with slabs that can be bought from a variety of suppliers at relative ease and at minimal expense.

3. Boarded loft

This is a great move for those with lots of items in their loft. From baby paraphernalia to seasonal clothes, utilising a loft for accessible storage is a fantastic move that literally builds value into your home; irrespective of whether you have intentions of moving in the short term. It’s reasonably simple to do it yourself, but if you would rather get a carpenter to do it, you should expect it to be completed relatively quickly assuming everything goes to plan – you’re certainly talking about days not weeks.

4. Small touches

From putting up fairy lights to adding houseplants, dressing your home and outdoor area can have a huge impact from both a presentation and saleability point of view. Many houseplants – both fake and real – can add lots of character to a home with no skill required. Also, giving a feature wall a lick of paint or even adding in some attractive wallpaper can transform rooms that you have grown tired of.

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