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Inside vs. Outside Storage Units

5th August 2015

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A question we sometimes get asked is this: what’s the difference between indoor storage units and outdoor storage units? Is there a difference? Or doesn’t it matter? Find out more below…

Inside storage units are far superior to outdoor ones. Outdoor units have a multitude of problems associated with them such as condensation, lax security systems and problems in adverse weather conditions.

Outside units – such as shipping containers – are notoriously unreliable. You are only really able to fill them to about 75% of their capacity if you want to ensure that your possessions don’t get ruined if you open the doors on a particularly rainy day. They also only come in two large sizes, meaning that they are far worse value for money than indoor units.

These outdoor containers don’t have the benefits that indoor units have, including lights, reliable security systems and insurance. Most importantly indoor units are a safe dry option to store your belongings, and with a wide variety of sizes available, you should always be able find something that’s suitable for your needs.

Indoor units should all have lights, reliable security systems and are a safe dry option to store your belongings. Due to the range of storage units available, you should always be able to find something that fits your needs.

We would recommend that there are several important factors that every customer needs in their storage unit such as ground floor access, free contents insurance, top quality security systems and access to units 24/7 all year round. If a storage facility doesn’t offer you these options, it’s worth shopping around and seeing if they are really good value for money or not.

Outdoor units can of course be a viable option – if they have the correct facilities. If you want to store your classic car to restore it to its former glory, an outside garage unit is ideal. You just need to make sure that all the security systems are up-to-date, that your unit is within an enclosed area with a high fence and PIN code security systems.

If you need storage space for your goods, speak to Easystore Self Storage. With storage facilities in Cardiff and Bridgend, we are ideally placed – whether you need domestic, commercial or student storage.

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