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5 Signs When You Know It’s Time to Stay Put

30th March 2021

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In our last blog post, we looked at how the last 12 months have made some people and families question their living arrangements and whether a move should be on the cards. You can read it here: 5 Signs When You Know It’s Time to Move Home.

In this month’s blog post, we look at scenarios that mean you’re better off staying put than moving home.

1. You’re on a tight budget

If you’re checking out estate agent sites and search engines and you’re not finding anything in your price range, maybe questions whether it’s best to move at all. Also, if you do find a property within budget, will you have capital to make any changes you require – especially if the rent or mortgage is an increase to your current spend?

2. You can make more of our your space

Take a critical look at your property and question if you have truly maximised its space. Whether it’s a loft conversion, revamped garden, reconfiguring storage, or simply wiping the slate clean and knocking down a wall or two… If you are after more space in a new home, ensure that you’re getting as much out of your existing one first.

3. Building in value

Similar to the budgetary point, if you’re working to a limit, make sure you factor in all moving costs. Big chunks of your budget can be eaten up by legal fees, taxes, and moving costs. It could be a better solution to spend the budget you have on building in value to your current home – whether that be in the form of a new kitchen, bathroom, loft conversion, or even some new decking or garden patio. Even if you don’t plan on staying in your property, it can help with its future saleability.

4. Check what the neighbours have done

If you’re struggling for ideas on what you can do with your property, a good start is by checking out what your neighbours have done. Irrespective of whether their property is exactly the same as yours or not, it’s always a decent gauge to see what is feasible as well as what the impact has been. Also, if you really like the work, it’s a sensible way of getting recommended contractors to actually do the work for you. There’s a reason why contractors usually leaflet-drop neighbours!

5. You can’t picture living elsewhere

Ultimately, if you can’t bear to imagine what it’s like to live anywhere else, perhaps the sensible solution – at least in the short term – is to stay put. After all, home is where the heart is, and if a few minor changes means that you’re content with your property for the time being, you haven’t lost anything.

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