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How to Store Books Without a Bookcase – 5 Tip & Ideas

13th May 2024

Pile of books
Not everyone has the luxury of a sprawling bookcase to showcase their literary collection. But lack of space shouldn’t dampen your bibliophilic spirit.

The key to storing books without a bookcase is to get creative and look at your space with a fresh eye. Your books are more than just reading material – they’re part of your home’s personality.

Here are our five top tips to store your books without a traditional bookcase.

1. Stack them neatly

Create a tower of books against an empty wall. This not only saves space, but also turns your books into a conversation piece. Place the largest, sturdiest books at the bottom and work your way up to the smallest. To prevent tipping, keep your stack away from high-traffic areas – especially if there are little people in the home.

2. Under the bed

Slide flat storage boxes filled with books under your bed. It’s out of sight, protects your books from dust, and makes use of often-wasted space. Plus, it’s like having a secret library right under where you sleep.

3. Repurpose furniture

Look around your home for furniture that can double as book storage. An old trunk can become a charming coffee table with storage, or a TV stand with cubbies can be a new home for your novels.

4. Staircase library

If you have a staircase, the space underneath can be transformed into a unique book nook. Alternatively, use each step as a shelf for a few well-chosen books. Again, tread carefully (quite literally) if there are children or young people in the house. This will be a much bigger talking point with guests than storing books in a traditional bookcase.

5. Book slings

Create your own book slings with fabric and dowels. They’re perfect for children’s rooms, as they display books attractively and within easy reach. These look like small hammocks and create a nice aesthetic feature whilst providing a practical solution. Alternatively, you could opt to use toy baskets for the same effect. A stylish basket can hold a surprising number of books and can be placed anywhere in your home.

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Author: Brendan

Brendan is the owner of Easystore Self Storage in Cardiff.

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