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Why Self Storage?

7th June 2022

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Let’s strip this back to the basic question: why self storage?

We’ve taken a few steps back and decided to break down the basic reasons why people use self storage.

Of course, self storage isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. It helps to solve a myriad of problems; we’ve just listed a few of the most common reasons below. If any of these resonate with you – get in touch.

Moving home

Whether you’re getting a bigger property, downsizing, or moving to a home that is a different configuration to your previous one, using self storage to bear the load is a commonly taken option. Whether you’re using it to store items temporarily, or you see it as an extension of your home, self storage allows you to breathe whilst making a big move. Another common option is when people are between houses. If they are buying a property – but need to move out of their existing home – then self storage can help plug the gap, if you need to rent or move in with relatives short-term.


If you’re turning a property into your dream home, then using self storage to house your worldly goods – away from the chaos – is a sensible move. Ensuring your items do not get covered in dust – and all the mess associated with renovations – is popular, and can help with the works in general. Having more room to make a mess – as well as less items to avoid breaking – gives those doing the work the best chance of doing a good job.

People flying the nest

When little ones turn into bigger ones, you can find yourself with more room than you know what to do with. Using self storage to house their items – that they don’t initially depart with – can be a good way of making use of the space more quickly. Some younger people may be off to uni, or may be setting up home for themselves; this can lead to them not taking everything, and expecting you to retain their bedroom.

Reconfiguring the home

Self storage can be that floating additional room when you’re not sure what to do with your new home. Such circumstances may mean that you use self storage if your new property doesn’t have adequate storage space of its own, such as a garage, attic, garden shed, or any other places to put your stuff.

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