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5 Tips for Packing Away the Christmas Decorations

3rd January 2019

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With Christmas seemingly a distant memory, the monotonous task of taking down the festive decorations is upon us.

Below are 5 tips to help you pack decorations away safely, securely and with minimal fuss – all designed to help you get them back out for Christmas 2019 with ease.

1) Use clear and resealable bags

One of the most difficult aspects of getting the decorations out in time for Christmas is knowing what is in which bag. Using resealable bags is an environmentally-aware approach but be sure to label them with what is enclosed. If you’re using cardboard boxes for the sturdier items, be sure to clearly mark what is inside. This will stop you having to peer inside each bag and box in the pitch black.

2) Christmas gift containers can come in handy

All those gifts at Christmas mean that you may have unused containers that are ideal to store decorations. From small jewellery items to large toy boxes, there are plenty of uses for gift containers that are no longer needed. This is another great environmentally-friendly approach!

3) Don’t throw all the cardboard tubes in the recycling

A great way of keeping lights safe and secure is to wrap them carefully around used cardboard tubes. This helps the lights stay untangled and is an environmentally-friendly use of old kitchen roll tubes or even Pringles (especially after Christmas)!

4) Use cling film to wrap your fake tree

If you’re careful, using cling film for your tree may be the best way to save time and effort and ensure you don’t misplace any part of your lounge centrepiece ahead of next Christmas. It will save you heaps of time when getting it back out at the end of 2019, too. Please ensure that you only do this if you have a fake tree, not a real one!

5) Write down where everything is on your phone

Use your phone to note down where everything is kept and which bags/boxes they will be in. You can use a note-making application on your phone and even include photos. Make sure to save this in cloud storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive and share it with family and loved ones.

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